As witnessed across several parts of the country, the Joint Security Agencies continue to provide protective cover to Ugandans and visitors who left their homes to go to work, travel, take children to school and other normal daily activities without fear. We do thank them for ignoring the scare tactics and politics of fear, being employed by individuals and political groups. For those that are still skeptic and still in their homes, we urge them to ignore the overblown rhetoric

As a country, fear can mislead us, and that is precisely why politicians use it abundantly in their rhetoric. They jump on every sensitive topic, not with constructive efforts but fear mongering. For those who continue to use fear mongering to advance their political agendas or incite supporters. They should know that it tantamount to incitement to violence and other related offences. Most of them are using social media for fear mongering and holding secret meetings for physical violence. For instance, in the Kawempe division, politicians used the stay-at-home protests to mobilize their agents and operatives. These include Ssenono Denis aka Dencity, a counsellor, Kawesa Andrew, a councilor, Nyanzi Fred Ssentamu, Emmnauel Sserunjoni, Mayor Kawempe Division, Mohmmad Nsubuga, Councilor. Others include; Bagonza Thomas, a councilor, Kemigisha Sharon, a councilor, they created several flash points in Bwaise, Kaleirwe, Mpererwe and Kutano trading center, where they were blocking people from going to work. Another hotspot was created at Nakulabye junction, Elliot bar, Kasubi traffic lights, Munaku Trading Centre, Nataliya and Masanafu, Rubaga Road, Mussajjalumbwa, Mwanga 2 road, New Taxi Park, Veterans Market and Lungujja zone.

In Bulenga, the Kunga ring leaders were identified as Mutebi John and Katumba Moses LC1 chairperson Bulenga Kikaya A. They planned on instigating riots at Wakiso Kayunga junction, Bulenga-Kikaya, Bulenga- Musoke road, Kireka Bbira, Kisamura Trading Centre, Buloba, Forest Park boda stage, wakiso Namusera among others. Their plans were aimed at blocking roads leading to the city center with logs, stones, tyres etc.

We want to use this opportunity to caution the public to avoid being manipulated through fear. When dealing with political and social issues, we need to reflect and assess our options rationally, rather than succumbing to impulsive reactions.For instance, none of the individuals and political groups have come up with credible solutions to the surge in commodity and fuel prices. Instead, they want to use fear to paralyze people’s ability to reason and lead them into a vicious and potentially violent cycle.

We have also noticed that some media houses and reporters are feeding into these conspiracies of fearmongering. The arguments they give are baseless, for the sake of appeasing a certain audience. We urge them to cover evidence-based news, instead of promoting unnecessary fear in the public. They are meant to inform and assist the greater good.

Source: Uganda Police Force


The Territorial Police in Sheema has in custody, a money lender, identified as Kamugisha Joseph, a prominent farmer and businessman, in connection with the disappearance of Kemigisha Christabel, a two-year girl victim, on the 18.07.2022, at Mutanoga cell, Kigarama sub-county in the Sheema district, now turned out to be a murder, after the victim’s body was recovered.

The motivation of the disappearance and murder, appears to be for ritualistic sacrifice, after the prime suspect Byamukama Justus, admitted to kidnapping the victim, from the grand father’s home, a one Kakooma John.

In conspiracy with Tumwesigye Clinton alias Musajja, they cut the victims throat and collected blood and thereafter, and dumped the victim’s body in front of Constance’s home, a neighbor and resident of the same village. He further admitted that there was a rich man who sent them for the blood. After the arrest of Tumwesigye Clinton alias Musajja it was established that he was in touch with Kamugisha Joseph, the prominent farmer/businessman, on the night that the victim was kidnapped and murdered.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the family of Christabel. The pain and fear she endured at the time of the brutal murder was unbearable for her age.

We also call upon the business community to come up with stronger measures of profiling and auditing the activities of all business persons in coordination with our intelligence components of CI, ISO, and CMI to help weed out brutal persons, who take advantage of young juveniles, in search of wealth and prosperity.

We shall continue to monitor the progress of the case, to seek justice for the victim. Exhibits of a hoe, blood-stained clothes, phone print-outs and the killer weapon were recovered. We commend the task team for their efforts.

We wish to remind parents and guardians to be extra alert while protecting children. The victim was kidnapped from her grandfather’s home, without the knowledge of anyone and yet such threats against children are on the increase.

Source: Uganda Police Force

‘Goodfellas,’ ‘Law & Order’ Actor Paul Sorvino Dies at 83

Paul Sorvino, an imposing actor who specialized in playing crooks and cops like Paulie Cicero in “Goodfellas” and the NYPD sergeant Phil Cerretta on “Law & Order,” has died. He was 83.

His publicist Roger Neal said he died Monday morning in Indiana of natural causes.

“Our hearts are broken, there will never be another Paul Sorvino, he was the love of my life, and one of the greatest performers to ever grace the screen and stage,” his wife, Dee Dee Sorvino, said in a statement.

In over 50 years in the entertainment business, Sorvino was a mainstay in films and television, playing an Italian American communist in Warren Beatty’s “Reds,” Henry Kissinger in Oliver Stone’s “Nixon” and mob boss Eddie Valentine in “The Rocketeer.” He would often say that while he might be best known for playing gangsters, his real passions were poetry, painting and opera.

Born in Brooklyn in 1939 to a mother who taught piano and father who was a foreman at a robe factory, Sorvino was musically inclined from a young age and attended the American Musical and Dramatic Academy in New York where he fell for the theater. He made his Broadway debut in 1964 in “Bajour” and his film debut in Carl Reiner’s “Where’s Poppa?” in 1970.

With his 6-foot-4-inch stature, Sorvino made an impactful presence no matter the medium. In the 1970s, he acted alongside Al Pacino in “The Panic in Needle Park” and with James Caan in “The Gambler,” reteamed with Reiner in “Oh, God!” and was among the ensemble in William Friedkin’s bank robbery comedy “The Brink’s Job.” In John G. Avildsen’s “Rocky” follow-up “Slow Dancing in the Big City,” Sorvino got to play a romantic lead and use his dance training opposite professional ballerina Anne Ditchburn.

He was especially prolific in the 1990s, kicking off the decade playing Lips in Beatty’s “Dick Tracy” and Paul Cicero in Martin Scorsese’s “Goodfellas,” who was based on the real-life mobster Paul Vario, and 31 episodes on Dick Wolf’s “Law & Order.” He followed those with roles in “The Rocketeer,” “The Firm,” “Nixon,” which got him a Screen Actors Guild Award nomination, and Baz Luhrmann’s “Romeo + Juliet” as Juliet’s father, Fulgencio Capulet.

Beatty would turn to Sorvino often, enlisting him again for his political satire “Bulworth,” which came out in 1998, and his 2016 Hollywood love letter “Rules Don’t Apply.” He also appeared in James Gray’s “The Immigrant.”

Sorvino had three children from his first marriage, including Academy Award-winning actor Mira Sorvino. He also directed and starred in a film written by his daughter Amanda Sorvino and featuring his son Michael Sorvino.

When he learned that Mira Sorvino had been among the women allegedly sexually harassed and blacklisted by Harvey Weinstein in the midst of the #MeToo reckoning, Sorvino told TMZ that if he had known, Weinstein “would not be walking. He’d be in a wheelchair.”

He was proud of his daughter and cried when she won the best supporting actress Oscar for “Mighty Aphrodite” in 1996. He told the Los Angeles Times that night that he didn’t have the words to express how he felt.

“They don’t exist in any language that I’ve ever heard — well, maybe Italian,” he said.

Source: Voice of America

Reports: Refugees in Rwanda Suffering from ‘Urban’ Disease

A report Monday in the British newspaper The Guardian said a growing number of people in the Mahama refugee camp in Rwanda are registering in health centers for non-communicable diseases, or NCDs, that are usually seen in older people and in urban areas.

Examples cited in the paper included a hypertensive 6-year-old, a 2-year-old with respiratory problems, a 40-year-old woman with kidney failure who became hypertensive during a pregnancy, and a 20-year-old woman, diagnosed with diabetes after falling into a coma.

The report says while the number of people with NCDs at Mahama is at 5% of the total caseload, the figures are rising every month. Mahama houses 58,000 of the country’s 127,000 refugees, The Guardian reported.

Dieudonne Yiweza, senior regional public health officer for East and Horn of Africa at the U.N. refugee agency told the publication, “Before, we said NCDs affect urban settings. Now, they are attacking refugee settings . . . Now, they are affecting children and young people. For refugees, this is a challenging situation.”

Yiweza said it is not uncommon to encounter children as young as 10 or 15 who have suffered strokes.

Contributing factors to the NCDs in young people, Yiweza said, include poor housing, a limited diet that often lacks protein, and trauma.

Source: Voice of America

Le séminaire sur la Bible attire les pasteurs et les dirigeants de l’Eglise du monde entier

NEW YORK, 25 juillet 2022 /PRNewswire/ — À la suite d’un séminaire réussi tenu le 4 juillet, l’Église Shincheonji de Jésus « New Heaven New Earth », le Temple du Tabernacle du Témoignage, a organisé un événement en ligne le samedi 23 juillet pour les pasteurs et les dirigeants de l’église du monde entier.

Chairman Lee Man-hee of New Heaven New Earth, Shincheonji Church of Jesus testifies at the Bible seminar on July 23rd, 2022

Intitulé « Prophétie et accomplissement de l’Ancien et du Nouveau Testament », le nouveau séminaire sur la Bible témoignait des 66 livres de la Bible sur les secrets du Royaume des Cieux et de la Nouvelle Alliance, l’Apocalypse. L’orateur principal, le président de l’Église Shincheonji Lee Man-hee, a expliqué l’intégralité du livre de l’Apocalypse, chapitre par chapitre.

Il a souligné que la prophétie du livre de l’Apocalypse a été accomplie. Il a demandé aux participants du séminaire de confirmer et de croire le témoignage sur l’accomplissement des événements de l’Apocalypse. Il a également parlé directement aux pasteurs qui assistaient à l’événement.

« Les pasteurs qui croient dans le Ciel doivent prendre une décision tout de suite », a déclaré le président Lee. « Selon la Bible, selon la volonté de Dieu, nous devons recevoir le livre et entendre la personne qui a été témoin de ce travail sur le terrain. »

Une série de séminaires de l’Église Shincheonji publiés depuis l’automne 2021 ont attiré plus de 20 millions de téléspectateurs sur YouTube dans le monde. Le contenu du séminaire a inclus le programme d’introduction, intermédiaire et avancé du centre missionnaire de l’Église, qui enseigne la Bible de la Genèse à l’Apocalypse, gratuitement.

En 2019, 103 764 étudiants ont obtenu leur diplôme du Zion Christian Mission Center après avoir suivi un cours de théologie rigoureux en moins d’un an. Même lorsque la pandémie de COVID-19 a atteint son apogée, le centre missionnaire comptait plus de 20 000 diplômés en 2020 et en 2021, respectivement. Une autre cohorte de 100 000 étudiants devrait recevoir son diplôme à la fin de 2022.

La croissance rapide de l’Église Shincheonji s’est également poursuivie malgré les calomnies et les persécutions des politiciens et des groupes et confessions chrétiens plus établis.

L’intérêt pour ses enseignements et la capacité d’expliquer toute la Bible a clairement conduit à des demandes pour le matériel éducatif de l’Église au pays et à l’étranger. Des milliers de pasteurs de plusieurs continents ont accepté de signer un protocole d’entente avec l’Église Shincheonji, ouvrant la porte à la collaboration.

Contact :

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Huawei Launches the SOCC Solution, Safeguarding Stable Transactions in the Financial Industry

SINGAPORE, July 25, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Recently, at the Huawei Intelligent Finance Summit 2022, Huawei released the industry’s first Storage-Optical Connection Coordination (SOCC) solution. This solution leverages the advantages of storage devices and optical transmission products to prevent financial transaction failures caused by network jitter, ensuring stable and reliable financial transactions.

Dr. Margaret Hu, President of Marketing and Solution Sales, Global Digital Finance, Huawei, launched SOCC solution

The transaction link latency has a direct impact on customer experience. For this reason, financial regulatory authorities have exacting requirements on the transaction link latency and transaction success rate.

To reduce the impact of network jitter on financial transactions, Huawei’s SOCC solution enables direct handshakes through the SOCC channel between the industry-leading financial DCI optical transmission device OptiXtrans DC908 and all-flash storage OceanStor Dorado. In this solution, the optical network is used to detect link faults. When the link jitter exceeds the threshold, OptiXtrans DC908 notifies OceanStor Dorado to switch I/O channels within 2 seconds (down from the previous 120 seconds), greatly slashing the exception duration of financial transactions and ensuring zero financial transaction failure.

In addition, Huawei SOCC solution optimizes the optical link switching time from 50 ms to 5 ms to greatly reduce frame freezes of digital financial services caused by network faults. With innovative SOCC technology, Huawei optimizes the protection performance from the aspects of storage I/O links and optical links, thereby ensuring higher network reliability.

Huawei SOCC solution is designed for the financial industry to solve service loss caused by link switching and ensure the stable financial transactions. With leading innovative technologies and capabilities, Huawei will continue to build excellent products and solutions for the financial industry and enable green, digital, and smart finance.

About Huawei Intelligent Finance Summit

Huawei Intelligent Finance Summit (HiFS) is Huawei’s annual flagship event for the global financial industry. HiFS 2022 ran from July 20 to 22 in Singapore. With the theme of “Shaping Smarter, Greener Finance”, HiFS 2022 brought together leading figures, KOLs, academic experts, and innovative practitioners in the global financial industry to discuss how to shape green and digital finance in light of the future development trend of the financial industry. For more information, please visit:

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Huawei & MuRong Jointly Release the Mobile Payment and Micro Finance Solution

SINGAPORE, July 25, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — During Huawei Intelligent Finance Summit 2022, Huawei and Murong jointly release the Mobile Payment and Micro Finance Solution. This solution reflects the leading technologies innovation for inclusive finance which makes inclusion possible to meet the opportunities and challenges of Financial Industry.

Digital transformation and innovation are developing rapidly. The opportunities and challenges coexist in the post-pandemic era, like cashless, cardless, contactless, etc. The number of mobile wallet users has grown rapidly. Mobile Payment market scale expect to increase to 1.3 Billon by 2023,  surpassing credit cards and cash with rapid adoption. The FinTech investments and innovation are increasing year by year.

In one word, the requirement to Mobile Finance and Micro Finance is becoming necessary to the people and connecting the diversified lifestyle.

Huawei and MuRong released this joint solution for Mobile Payment and Micro Finance to help banks to build a “1+4+7” end-to-end solution.

“1” means a Cloud-Native platform, which is provided by Huawei,

“4” demonstrates the 4 types of financial applications, which are Micro Saving, Micro Loan, Mobile Payment and Digital Marketing. These applications are operated on the MuRong Inclusive finance service platform,

“7” includes specific products, which are SuperAPP, Micro Saving, Micro Loan, Open Banking, Digital Payment, Digital Marketing and Digital Operating.

Besides, “N” likewise, banks can provide N kinds of financial scenarios, connect end users, and help merchants Acquiring customers, greatly enhancing the bank’s attractiveness to merchants.

It indicates that through this solution, Commercial bank, Payment Institution, Telecom Operator and Fintech Company can be connecting and jointly innovating to benefit each other accordingly.

Global Senior Consultant of MuRong Technology Solution Center, Han Yidong said, “MuRong is the global leading provider of digital financial IT solutions, we have cooperated with Huawei to integrate digital technology innovation to explore the markets of inclusive finance.”

“Looking back the journey of cooperation between Huawei and Murong, the concrete achievements have already been reached. Furthermore, the joint innovative solutions also is in progress, expecting more cooperation with MuRong to create new value together for our customer.” said Song Danping, President of Global Ecosystem Cooperation,Huawei Global Digital Finance.

Looking ahead, Huawei will continue to incubate the more finance solutions, by using innovative technologies and cooperating with partners, to accelerate more joint solutions for global financial customers to move towards Shaping Smarter and Greener Finance.

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Hisense Afrique du Sud annonce le lancement virtuel de ses derniers produits intelligents en 2022

CAPE TOWN, Afrique du Sud, 24 juillet 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Le fabricant d’électronique de renommée mondiale Hisense se prépare à un lancement virtuel de sa gamme de produits 2022 lors d’une expérience cinématographique inédite.

Hisense Afrique du Sud prépare les consommateurs à accueillir l’élégance en lançant sa nouvelle gamme de téléviseurs, de réfrigérateurs et d’autres appareils électroménagers haut de gamme.

Leader mondial de l’électronique, Hisense a thématisé l’événement de lancement, prévu pour le vendredi 22 juillet, autour du thème Leisure, Reimagined « Les loisirs réimaginés », en accord avec la réputation innovante et haut de gamme qu’elle s’est forgée.

Comme le thème de l’événement l’indique, le lancement virtuel de Hisense 2022 permettra aux Sud-Africains d’accueillir les produits Hisense dans leurs maisons, avec du style et de l’élégance dans chaque pièce.

L’événement de lancement vidéo de vendredi devrait être tout à fait avant-gardiste, car le fabricant a travaillé dur pour présenter sa dernière gamme d’une manière encore jamais vue auparavant. L’entreprise a fait tout son possible pour lancer chacun de ses produits sous une forme unique qui soit accessible aux consommateurs.

La gamme d’appareils électroménagers de Hisense, lancée cette semaine, offrira des solutions de haute qualité qui permettront aux Sud-Africains de réimaginer leurs loisirs tout en modernisant et en innovant leurs maisons, ce qui leur laissera plus de temps pour les choses les plus importantes de la vie : les moments avec la famille et les amis, la détente et le divertissement.

Les consommateurs pourront s’attendre à voir chaque nouveau produit Hisense et toutes les informations essentielles, ce qui leur permettra de faire un achat plus éclairé. Les téléspectateurs du lancement pourront également tenter leur chance pour gagner des prix exceptionnels d’une valeur de 50 000 rands.

Un bref aperçu du programme du lancement virtuel de Hisense 2022 pour le marché sud-africain révèle une gamme exceptionnelle de produits haut de gamme dans tous ses portefeuilles de produits de consommation, notamment :

  • Hisense 100L9G – le dernier téléviseur laser d’Hisense projette jusqu’à 100″ avec une résolution 4K, en utilisant le système d’exploitation VIDAA smart TV pour fournir une offre de contenu presque infinie ;
  • Série Hisense 2022 ULED – la nouvelle gamme de téléviseurs ULED exploite la technologie des points quantiques pour afficher plus d’un milliard de couleurs différentes, pour un contenu époustouflant qui peut être contrôlé par commande vocale ;
  • Réfrigérateur Hisense H780SB-IDL – avec sa grande capacité, sa connexion WiFi et ses modes Super Freeze, Super Cool et Éco, le réfrigérateur H780SB-IDL est l’un des plus haut de gamme disponibles sur le marché ;
  • Barre de son Hisense U5120G – complément idéal de tout téléviseur, la barre de son Hisense U5120G est dotée de 11 haut-parleurs et d’un puissant caisson de basse sans fil pour offrir aux utilisateurs une expérience de son surround de qualité cinématographique ;
  • Machine à laver à chargement frontal Hisense WFQR1214VAJMWT – une machine puissante de 12 kg équipée de la technologie de dosage automatique Hisense, du système Jet Wash développé par ses soins et d’un écran LED intelligent intégré ;
  • Hisense H60 Zoom – découvrez le dernier smartphone haut de gamme de Hisense, doté d’un écran AMOLED incurvé et de fonctions de déverrouillage par reconnaissance faciale et par empreinte digitale.

Les consommateurs sont invités à assister à l’événement de lancement virtuel en direct ICI le vendredi 22 juillet à 14 h tout en se préparant à Réimaginer l’élégance et les loisirs.

Les participants à l’événement de lancement auront une chance de gagner des prix d’une valeur de 40 000 rands composés de produits Hisense ainsi que des bons d’achat @Home, d’autres bonnes affaires et cadeaux d’une valeur de 10 000 rands.

Avec une gamme de produits allant du divertissement à l’électroménager en passant par le mobile et la climatisation, Hisense a distribué ses produits dans plus de 3 000 chaînes de magasins et 500 magasins franchisés d’électroménager en Afrique du Sud.

Son site de production en Afrique du Sud, établi en 2013, a continuellement amélioré ses compétences technologiques et augmenté sa capacité de production de téléviseurs et de réfrigérateurs. Il lui permettra également de proposer continuellement ses produits « réimaginez votre vie » aux consommateurs sud-africains.

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Bible Seminar Draws Pastors and Church Leaders Worldwide

NEW YORK, July 24, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Following a successful seminar on July 4th, New Heaven New Earth, Shincheonji Church of Jesus, the Temple of the Tabernacle of the Testimony, hosted an online event on Saturday, July 23rd for pastors and church leaders around the world.

Chairman Lee Man-hee of New Heaven New Earth, Shincheonji Church of Jesus testifies at the Bible seminar on July 23rd, 2022

Titled “Prophecy and Fulfillment of the Old and the New Testaments,” the new Bible seminar testified to the 66 books of the Bible’s secrets of the kingdom of heaven and the new covenant, the Revelation. The event featured Shincheonji Church Chairman Lee Man-hee as the main speaker, who explained the entire book of Revelation, chapter by chapter.

Chairman Lee emphasized that the prophecy of the book of Revelation was fulfilled and came true. He asked listeners to confirm and believe the testimony of the witness who saw the fulfillment of the events of Revelation. He also spoke directly to the pastors attending the seminar.

“Pastors who have hope in heaven must make a decision right away,” Chairman Lee said. “According to the Bible, according to God’s will, we must receive the book and hear from the person who witnessed this work in the field.”

A series of Shincheonji Church seminars released since the fall of 2021 have attracted more than 20 million YouTube viewers globally. Seminar content has included the introductory, intermediate and advanced curriculum of the church’s mission center, which teaches the Bible from Genesis to Revelation, free of charge.

In 2019, 103,764 students graduated from the Zion Christian Mission Center after completing a rigorous theology course in less than one year. Even when the Covid-19 pandemic reached its peak, the mission center had more than 20,000 students graduating in 2020 and 2021, respectively. Another graduation of 100,000 students is planned for the end of 2022.

Shincheonji Church’s rapid growth has also continued despite slander and persecution from politicians and more established Christian groups and denominations.

Interest in its teachings and ability to explain the entire Bible clearly has led to requests for the church’s educational materials domestically and abroad. Thousands of pastors across multiple continents agreed to sign an MOU (memorandum of understanding) with Shincheonji Church, opening the door for collaboration.


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