The happy world of Akbar

One city that is very close to the heart of many Ugandans is Dubai, a city that even the least traveled people have been to, at least once. For regular travelers, one of the crucial necessities while there, is the mode of transport , and taxis seem to be the best way of commuting in […]

To go out with her?

My wife wants to go out with me, even when I’m with the boys (friends and colleagues) Andrew H. Dear Andrew, your wife’s behaviour seems to be bothering you. Andrew, do you think your wife is concerned about going out or she is trying to communicate something else? May be she is uncomfortable with the […]

Uncomfortable queue

When it comes to queues, Ugandans are like a herd of goats that seem to think lines are objects of illusion. I have never been in a queue that has been respected. As a consequence, every time I join a queue, I start to have anxiety attacks on the spot. Because I KNOW that in […]

Bukomansimbi DP delegates reject chairperson over age

BUKOMANSIMBI. A section of Democratic Party (DP) delegates in Bukomansimbi District have rejected their newly-appointed party chairperson over aanced age. Mr Joseph Ssekibaala, 87, was on Tuesday appointed the district party chairperson by a section of DP district leaders. The district woman MP, Ms Suzan Namaganda, wanted to contest for the post, but Mr Deogratias […]

From me to daddy

Jackie Asiimwe-Mwesige, activist What does one say about Rev Canon Benoni Mugagura Mutana? He is my father. If I say he is perfect, you won’t believe me, but he is for me. Daddy, you’re the most loving man I have ever known. You loved me through my trials and triumphs. You have modelled God’s love […]

Should you take children along on the honeymoon?

Gracious Kemirembe, a bride-to-be has five children and is wondering whether her children should be part of their honeymoon treat. This came as a result of her plan to have the best of her time with the husband-to-be. Janet Kyakweera, got married 10 years ago and believes this depends on several factors such as the […]

The rising gospel rapper

When you meet the soft-spoken Martin Ochieng, popularly known as Netron, you cannot tell he is a singer or even a vocalist. He takes long pauses before answering questions and is reserved. But, at a concert where he is performing, you will not miss an energetic rapper on stage. Netron says he was inspired by […]

Bunyoro Kingdom officials wary of new land titles

Hoima. Leaders in Bunyoro sub-region are skeptical about the proposal by the Uganda Land Commission (ULC) to start a systematic land demarcation and titling in Kibaale District. The ULC chairman, Mr Baguma Isoke, on Tuesday led a team of members from the commission to seek Bunyoro-Kitara Kingdom’s consent to the proposal. His team met with […]

Doing and undoing

Recently, I used a shortcut that runs through a certain slum in this great city. As I looked out through the car window, the driver of the vehicle I was in pointed out the group of women from the Seventh Day Aentist church who were carrying out a cleaning activity. He was impressed, as was […]

Police battle locals over border barrier

ARUA. Tear gas rocked Vurra Customs Post on Friday morning as police dispersed residents armed with bows and arrows as they tried to remove a barrier erected by Congolese at the Uganda-DR Congo border. The Ugandans accused their Congolese counterparts of closing the border and killing their businesses which has rendered them jobless and denied […]