The week in numbers

BEIRUT 26 June 2015 (IRIN) – A new weekly feature rounding up the key figures in crisis and humanitarian reporting.

How goes the hunt for Joseph Kony and the LRA?

KAMPALA 23 June 2015 (IRIN) – US special forces joined the hunt for Joseph Kony and the leaders of his Lord’s Resistance Army almost four years ago. So, what progress has been made, are they any closer to catching him, and what else can be done?

Eight essential apps for observing Ramadhan

Yes, it’s that time of the year when Muslims observe the month of Ramadhan, and app makers are finally tapping into the billion-dollar Muslim lifestyle industry. Much like how supermarkets have recently begun rolling down the “Ramadhan Kareem I” banners in aisles dedicated to halal samosas, now when you scroll down your “Muslim” search on […]

The fruitless search for my absent father

For the better part of my early youth, I was obsessed with a man I had met only once. And as such meetings go, I did not even remember what he looked like. Whenever I tried to conjure up his face, a blurred image came to mind. It is still the same image I get […]

My 10 tricks Andrew Mbabazi, interior designer

Andrew Mbabazi is an interior designer at Erimu Furniture Company Limited. He is sociable. He says his top interior decor trick is to always stick to the principles of design and he cannot go wrong even when new trends come up every single day. This is because he also does a lot of research. He […]

Revive co-op unions, leaders tell Museveni

MASAKA. Leaders in eight districts of Masaka sub-region have asked President Museveni to revive co-operative unions in the area. They said co-operative unions boosted agriculture and were a big source of employment before their closure in the late 1980s. The appeal was raised by Mr Joseph Kalungi, Masaka District chairperson and head of Masaka sub-region […]

When they finally tell you

Last week, we were finally told what we had been told we were to be told. “I will tell you when I tell you what I’ll tell you and you will know that you have been told a true tale,” had become a popular tongue twister in schools around the country. Our children were getting […]

Letter to my son

Dear son, It is only recent that I held you up against the light to see your face after you were born. It feels like a few months ago, when I was pacing around the room with you in my arms, counting 1 to 10 (because I couldn’t sing a lullaby) to lull you to […]

Boys to men

Today is Fathers’ Day. Congratulations and happy wishes to the authentic fathers and men out there keeping it real. Being a real man is a huge responsibility that the problems of the world are linked to the men that have failed to navigate the labyrinths of manhood and settled for less. At a recent men’s […]

I see no crisis

Well, I really struggle with the subject of politics. So you can imagine who can’t wait for 2016 to come and go. Ideally, it should be straight forward. You are voting the leaders you want. Perhaps you just want to get a few more details about them and their plans, how the voting process is […]

The happy world of Akbar

One city that is very close to the heart of many Ugandans is Dubai, a city that even the least traveled people have been to, at least once. For regular travelers, one of the crucial necessities while there, is the mode of transport , and taxis seem to be the best way of commuting in […]

To go out with her?

My wife wants to go out with me, even when I’m with the boys (friends and colleagues) Andrew H. Dear Andrew, your wife’s behaviour seems to be bothering you. Andrew, do you think your wife is concerned about going out or she is trying to communicate something else? May be she is uncomfortable with the […]

Uncomfortable queue

When it comes to queues, Ugandans are like a herd of goats that seem to think lines are objects of illusion. I have never been in a queue that has been respected. As a consequence, every time I join a queue, I start to have anxiety attacks on the spot. Because I KNOW that in […]