By Faridah Kulabako KAMPALA, April 30 — Uganda’s banking industry is slowly returning to profitability after almost four years of weak performances which resulted from the after-effects of the 2011 turbulent economic challenges. So far, all the banks which have released their audited financial statements, including Uganda Development Bank (UDB), which had been making successive […]

Ask the mechanic Why has my X-Trail lost engine power?

I drive a Nissan X-Trail model 2000. I have been with this car for one year and it has been running great. However, I have observed a reduction in engine power when overdrive is turned off, especially when I’m driving uphill or when I am carrying heavy stuff. Before this problem, whenever I turned the […]

Burundi blocks social network access as protests continue

Authorities in protest-hit Burundi on Wednesday cut mobile access to several social networks and messaging applications, a telecoms official said. Networks including Twitter, Facebook and Whatsapp — which have been used to coordinate protests — were no longer accessible via mobile telephone in the capital Bujumbura, although an official explanation for the service cut has […]

Kato: ignorance got him stuck to amateur football

Sula Kato is, no doubt, one of the most decorated Ugandan players. However, for a man who carried The Uganda Cranes and SC Villa’s hopes on his shoulders for more than a decade, his current condition as a jobless coach leaves you with a sour taste in the mouth. He likes keeping a low profile, […]

Athletics coach Wemali infected female runners with HIV

The Athletics coach, Peter Wemali who is accused of sexual harassment infected three national runners with HIVAids virus, court heard on Thursday. The medical report tendered in Kapchorwa Chief Magistrate’s Court as part of prosecution evidence indicated that Wemali infected the female athletes with the virus. Prosecution also amended the charges from rape to aggravated […]

In a woman’s mind Those things of dates in a club… hapana!

My most boring date experience? Well, I once went on a date with an overly-confident man. As I sipped on my regular coffee and he on his espresso, he leaned back in his chair with his hands at the back of his head. Looking at me from the top of his eye-glasses, he proudly told […]

Farmers petition govt over theft of seedlings

KABALE. Tea farmers in Kigezi sub-region have resolved to petition Agriculture minister Tress Buchanayandi over rising cases of theft and sale of immature seedlings. The resolution was made during a meeting between tea nursery bed farmers from Kabale, Kanungu, Kisoro and Rukungiri districts, the district leaders and security officials in Kabale Town on Monday. The […]

Woman asks 100 men to sleep with her

For many men, it might be the stuff of day dreams… an attractive woman approaches you in the street and asks if they would like to sleep with her. No complicated chat-up lines required, no strings attached. One woman, who introduces herself as ‘Andrea’, did just that in a video posted on YouTube last week. […]

She left for eight months

The problem Dear Heart to Heart, I have been married to the mother of my four-year-old child for five years. In February last year, she left me with the baby and rented another place, citing some bad habits of mine. She vowed never to come back. Her parents said they could not help me since […]

Dating That poor intern will never forgive me

Now more than ever, I hate internship programmes. I do not like working for free, but now I have an even stronger reason for hating those mostly-exploitative programmes. On paper, the idea sounds good but ask any one who has gone through it, and you realise that it is a source of free labour for […]

Explaining the different number plates

Ronald Kazibwe was planning to buy a Land Cruiser but he did not have enough money to get one from the bond. But luckily, one of the United Nations Agencies in Uganda was disposing of vehicles so he managed to get one cheaply. However, his fear was in changing the number plate. “I thought it […]

Global economy should offer equal opportunities for all

Our world is out of balance. It is both wealthier and more unequal today than at any time since the Second World War. We are recovering from a global economic crisis – but that recovery has been jobless. We have the largest cohort ever of educated women, yet globally women are struggling to find work. […]

Nude protests: the Acholi signal of distress

On April 16, a long-running land dispute in northern Uganda took a new twist when female residents of Apea Village stripped before government ministers to protest plans to draw a boundary between the districts of Amuru and Adjumani. The nude act has had many reactions, with many people wondering why elderly African women would strip. […]