Yusuf Lubanga Mwesigwa – Fumigator, Carpenter

Lubanga, 20, owns U*Stars Cleaning and Fumigation Ltd, a company he started with Shs 50,000 in 2011.

He says he currently earns about Shs 50 million annually with an average of Shs 5 million monthly from about 50 clients.

He started his own business after working in his brother’s carpentry workshop for three years after completing his training at Sembabule Technical School. His brother gave him three full sets of chairs, which he sold when he opened his furniture shop in Makindye.

“I got the startup capital for U*Stars from my furniture business,” Lubanga says. “I had to venture in another business because the furniture business was slow yet there was stiff competition with many dealers in the market.”

When he fails to get customers for the furniture, gets them in U*Stars because some of them want cleaning services for their furniture and homes.

He has about four big clients with whom he has standing orders for fumigation services per quarter. They including a top hospital and a top fast food restaurant.

U*Stars has three branches so far located in Makindye, Kisasi and Ntinda.

Tip for success: Publicity

Lubanga says he succeeded because he set out to make his good services known to potential clients. “I can send over 700 text messages (SMS) a day using the bulk bundle at Shs 1,000 using Airtel and it has worked. Many clients have responded to my messages,” says Lubanga, adding that he usually collects contacts by looking up directories or asking strangers and friends alike, which he says has helped him reduce on aertisements for the furniture, cleaning and fumigation businesses.

Source : The Independent

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