Youth fail to repay livelihood programme funds


Ms Faith Amanya Betega, the Bushenyi gender officer, has said many youth groups in the district have failed to refund the Youth Livelihood Programme (YLP) funds they received from government.

Ms Betega told Daily Monitor on Monday that district officials are failing to recover YLP funds. She said out of the 76 groups that received the funds, only three have refunded the money. The defaulters, she said, will be arrested and prosecuted.
“The plan is, you take the money, use it and refund within the first year without paying interest. We have entered the second year and many groups are not bothered about refunding the money,” Ms Betega said.

She added: “Yes we have some projects that take long to bring returns like wine production but other groups are using that excuse yet we know they misused the funds.”

Bushenyi District received Shs313 million in 2014 for the YLP. The district also received Shs170 million in the 20156 financial year. Each of the 76 groups received between Shs3-7 million.

In March, four youth leaders were arrested on orders of the Resident District Commissioner over allegations of embezzling YLP funds given to them in 2014.
Implementation of the Youth Livelihood Programme started in 2013.

The programme also targets mainly youth who have dropped out of school and training institutions, those living in high risk and impoverished communities, those without opportunity to attend formal education, youth with disability and those who have completed secondary school or tertiary education.



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