You should not neglect knee pain

Knee pain, to most people is fast becoming like a headache. It affects people regularly, and many associate sudden pain with straining the knee by prolonged sitting or walking.

However, Dr Tony Mutanda, an orthopedic at Mulago hospital says in addition to repetitive strain injury such as prolonged sitting or walking, other common causes of knee pain include degenerative causes, tumours, infections, sudden injury and metabolic conditions.

Other factors that determine the cause of knee pain include one’s age and weight. Dr Mutanda says knee pain can be a symptom of an underlying medical condition.

Sometimes, an infection in the body causes inflammation or irritation in the joints.

Prevention of knee pain depends on the range of causes mentioned. Recommended preventive measures include keeping out of situations that strain the knee, slowly increasing activity levels over time, continuously doing exercises, having the right foot wear and walking on regular surfaces.

Dr Mutanda aises one to seek medical attention as soon as they realise something is wrong with the knee.

SOURCE: Daily Monitor


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