Yes, Something Funny About Jazz [opinion]

Not many comedy shows have happened this year and even the few that have, have hardly had anything to write home about.

So, you can understand the excitement among comedy lovers when Mirinda announced they would be revamping the weekly comedy shows at Laftaz Lounge. The new twist was mixing up comedians with a jazz artiste and a band, thus the name Jazz Comedy Experience.

Last Wednesday evening they lined up saxophonist-turned-singer, Emma Dragu, and his De Jazz band. On the list of comedians was Patrick Idringi aka Salvado as the host, Mc Kapale and Ronnie Mcvex. The setup of the venue was changed to have a more VIP look there were well-decorated dinner tables at the front of the stage. This time round, Fenon Events was brought in to handle the stage lights and production.

The band kicked off the evening, but despite being a good instrumentalist, Dragu still has a lot of work to do with his vocals. The heavens soon opened up, but the numbers still grew and it was a full house by 9:30pm.

For our comedians, however, it is getting to a point where a fan will lose their cool one of these days. Stale jokes recycled over and over to a point that patrons can speak along with the comedian, still reign supreme. McVex still tells his tribal jokes from last year!

Salvado did well as host, also cracking a few new jokes, but he is yet to find a signature style. Kapale used to be the saviour with his nasty X-rated jokes, but lately the only time one really laughs is when he cracks spontaneous jokes about people in the audience.

There was good innovation to the show every week they will be hosting someone in the limelight for a one-on-one interview. The jury is still out on their choice last week of Beat FM’s Denis Katongole ‘Omutongole’ to explain his police case over the alleged defilement. Katongole missed the humour part and talked like he was explaining himself to a judge.

The show returns next week with Alex Muhangi.

Source : The Observer


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