Xtreme Tour Goes North

The second edition of the Mountain Xtreme Tour is underway.

Last year, the focus was on gamers where the team traversed the country to find the best video game players. That grand finale took place last November with the winner bagging Shs 5m. This year is all about the exhilaration that comes with playing.

Nothing speaks adrenaline than motocross riders doing their thing with bikes only pros at the game can. Unlike city residents who get a chance to see these stunts at different events, some folks in Arua, Gulu and Lira were mesmerized by what Michael Ntaro and Ahmed Tamale could do with their machines.

The high jumps and the spins left many speechless. With the bike stunts, nothing beats the ‘wheelie’. This is when the rider lifts the front tyre and moves only on the rear tyre. The physics of how the bike can move 100 metres on one tyre excited the crowds. Luckily, no boda boda rider tried that move.

They may have realised that it takes years of practice and serious protective gear, in case something goes wrong. Before the main event, a sampling drive took place in different parts of the major towns visited. Lucky winners walked away with free goodies while the biggest winner of the day took home a BMX bicycle and the other, a skateboard.

Students of Layibi College (Gulu) and Lango College (Lira) could not hide their excitement as the Mountain Dew-branded vans pulled into their gates. The surprise coming at lunchtime was the icing on the proverbial cake. The tour is aimed at engaging consumers at all levels and has already gone through Soroti, Mbale among other districts.

Source : The Observer

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