Work comes first, says Rulinda

What does your job entail?Lots of meetings and strategist and lots of attention to the little details What values do you uphold?God first, hard work, perseverance, commitment and I don’t believe in limitations or impossibility. What are your work ethics?I am a never say die kind of person. A real workaholic. Work comes first always What challenges come with your job?Well, there are many, but my job is one that traditionally was done by older people, so there is the attitude that comes from the age factor. Also, sometimes the attitude of people towards work How do you deal with them?I have tried so much to be a friend rather than a young man, I believe I can be a real tough one though. If given a few minutes to speak I make them see more to me than a young man stereotypeWhat is your average day like?I really don’t have a routine but I would say that I wake up at 4 am. I read or write.up to 5:15am. Go to the gym, though I haven’t been in a while, have breakfast meetings, then head to office. I spend the day in meetings up to about midnight, then head home. This varies of course at times I go later but that is a normal day What do you like about your job?Everything. I am doing what I love. I get to build something and the satisfaction that comes with results is immeasurable What do you dislike about your job?I have become my job my personal relationships suffer for it Looking at your contemporaries in the corporate world, how do they handle their work?Well sometimes I think they live a routine life and that gets boring for them which affects productivity. But that is a small number the rest love their work and are happy. What aice do you have for fellow young people?Never let anyone tell you what you cannot do. The world will tell you that what’s impossible for them is impossible for you, but I tell you, all your five fingers are not equal for a reason. Don’t stop and don’t fail yourself without trying. Where do you see yourself in the next five to 20 years?I believe the sky is the start. By the grace of God, I hope I will be one of Africa’s biggest names in the word of business.


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