Women Urged to Prepare for Business Opportunities

Women have been urged to prepare themselves for business opportunities by getting market information to compete for the same jobs with men.

According to a leading entrepreneur, in a country where the formal workplace retains a largely male face, women must understand what 51 per cent of the population requires for business.

“Plan for it, get skills and use opportunities to start businesses in the private sector,” said Maggie Kigozi, a former executive director of Uganda Investment Authority, recently.

Kigozi was speaking at an MTN-sponsored event on how to promote businesses owned by women. A director in Crown Beverages Limited, Kigozi aised women to always start businesses that they are passionate about. Several women shared experiences on how they had managed to succeed in life.

Josephine Okot, the founder of Victoria Seeds Limited, said she had succeeded because she “wanted to make a difference in business by supplying quality seeds on the market.”

Okot said she first consulted friends before she started her business, before taking lessons on how to run a successful enterprise. Women, she said, should start business with whatever amount of money they have, without waiting for loans.

Ruth Sebatindira, the newly- re-elected president of the Uganda Law Society, urged women to build networks in different professions, and share experiences and opportunities. Amelia Kyambadde, the minister for Trade, Industry and Cooperatives, said if young girls and rural women were not sensitized about their rights, they would remain in a vicious cycle of poverty, and that this would retard the country’s economic development.

The chief executive officer of MTN Uganda, Mazen Mroue, acknowledged the importance of women in the country in social and economic sectors.

“Since MTN started in Uganda 15 years ago, it has given opportunities to women to develop in different fields,” he said. “This will strengthen development. We are confident this will continue providing mentorship to Ugandan women.”

Source : The Observer

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The Disability Law and Rights Centre (DLRC), School of Law, Makerere University with support from
The Disability Law and Rights Centre (DLRC), School of Law, Makerere University with support from

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