Woman transcends deafness to become a popular waitress

Kumi- Being a waitress in any restaurant or hotel comes along with specific job attributes such as having good communication skills, politeness, teamwork and generally good marketing skills.

These attributes enable one to effectively attend to all the customers. Therefore, this would sound a no-go area for any person with hearing impairment .
However, 24-year-old Dorothy Nambozo has proved that such a preconception is a myth.

It is breakfast time at Prime Rose Inn in Kumi Town. Ms Nambozo is going about her business of attending to clients. She takes orders from several clients about what they would want to have.

However, one notices something unusual she uses sign language. And her clients seem comfortable with it. Her employer, Ms Grace Okello, tells us that Ms Nambozo was born deaf.

Nethertheless, Ms Okello says Nambozo is not only resourceful but one of the most popular waitresses in Kumi Town.

According to Ms Okello, the 24 year-old showed up about seven months ago, seeking for a waitress job. Although she did not doubt her ability, Ms Okello says she was encouraged by the courage the young deaf woman exhibited.
“Her first assignment was managing the rooms, soon she was helping in the kitchen and before we knew it, she was already into serving customers—and she excelled in all within short time,” Ms Okello says.
She adds that Nambozo’s ability to diligently execute responsibilities has since endeared her to most Prime Rose Inn customers.

“She works with minimum or no supervision at all. She is multi tasked—assists in the kitchen, takes care of the rooms and attends to customers professionally well,” Ms Okello says.

She continues: “She is honest. She doesn’t mix up the bills. And importantly, customers like her.”
Ms Okello says she has already been put on notice by several of her customers not to dare relieve Ms Nambozo of her duties, warning that if she does, they will stop having meals from her restaurant.
I eventually manage to get the chance to speak to Nambozo, with Ms Okello playing the role of interpreter.

Nambozo says her mother died years ago. With a help of her father, she went to the school for the deaf where she did not only perfected her sign language skills but also learnt how to read and write, partly explaining her amiable communication skills.

Nambozo says through this means of communication, she is also able to remind customers who owe her to clear their obligations. She also uses SMS to follow up on regular customers who no longer show up for various reasons.

Ms Nambozo, for now, receives Shs80,000 per month as salary. Ms Okello, however, says it will not be long before her salary is reviewed upwards. She says she is single and at an appropriate time, she would love to get married and start a family.


SOURCE: Daily Monitor

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