Wolokoso – State House Loses Food Competition to Kigezi

To many ordinary people, State House is the dream place! Whenever they see a presidential convoy speed past, they fantasise about what it must be like, or even work for, the president of the beautifully-named Pearl of Africa What food the president and his staff eat!

How proud his staff must be! Do they ever hunger for anything? And so on, and so forth!

Against that background, you can even add: which food can be superior to that served in State House? Well, not everyone has such a high opinion of State House food.

Last Tuesday, State House employees were bemused to see some elderly men carrying packs of cooked food into the president’s home ahead of their meeting. For the Special Forces Command (SFC) soldiers manning the gate, the unauthorised food packages were not to be allowed into State House because there is “better food”.

But the men from Kabale could have none of this nonsense. They eventually told the soldiers that they would rather have their food than have audience with the president.

As they made to leave, the bemused soldiers relented and allowed in the special food from the hills. If Wolokoso was one of the SFC soldiers, she would have sought to taste that food.

‘President’ Ssekikubo is an ‘angel’

Many of President Museveni’s critics say that he has involved himself in one financial scandal too many to others, such as ex-Buganda Katikkiro Joseph Ssemwogerere, the fountain of honour has almost “turned State House into a clearing house” But other people think that whatever his weaknesses, Museveni is only behaving like a natural human being once given power.

Not Buyaga West MP Barnabas Tinkasiimire, who was expelled from the NRM for indiscipline, alongside three colleagues. Tinkasiimire says that his ‘president’, the Lwemiyaga MP Theodore Ssekikubo, is an angel.

“Of course my president cannot be involved in a sham deal” Tinkasiimire told the Parliament’s select committee investigating the controversial standard gauge railway last week. This was after some MPs had insinuated that even Ssekikubo, whom he calls his president, might make mistakes.

Kayihura’s day out with the Christians:

A famous politician once said that matters of the generals should be left to the generals. With that in mind, you could say that matters of God’s generals should be left to God’s generals.

General Kale Kayihura (a normal general), the head of the police, had quite a day at Uganda Christian University the other day, where he tried to understand the ranks of God’s generals. While officiating over an event to do with crime preventers, Kayihura seemed to have the mistaken belief that all the big chiefs in UCU are reverends.

While starting his speech, he said: “I hope my protocol is right I salute all reverends present… ” sending the congregation to a rib-cracking laughter. There were no reverends. There were deputy vice chancellors and other directors.

Staying with the Christian theme, Kayihura seems to have failed to end corruption in the traffic police, despite changing their uniform to a flattering white colour. And he is now seeking a miracle.

“I want you people in the Christian University, to pray for all the traffic officers so that we cast demons and Satan from them so as to eliminate bribery.” Kayihura said, further threatening the ribs of the Christians.

Kayihura, whose government has been in power for 28 years, also witnessed the change of the university guild government, and he had something to say about it: “I’m happy to see another government take over power… ”

Before he could finish, one Christian shouted: “when are you also handing over power peacefully to another government?”

Kayihura only smiled.

Abrasive Gen Aronda keeps MPs quiet:

It is tough enough to face a tough-talking army general. It is worse when you are the youngest woman facing the toughest of male generals.

MPs Proscovia Alengot [Usuk, NRM] and her Mpigi woman counterpart Sarah Nakawunde Temulanda were forced into silence during a session of the committee on Defence and Internal Affairs, after they looked scared by the ‘abrasive’ nature of General Aronda Nyakairima, the minister for Internal Affairs. From his corner, Wolokoso could see that the two MPs looked cowed.

The general had been summoned to explain why he had solely-drafted and tabled the National Registration of Persons’ bill 2014, without consulting the National Citizenship and Immigration Board. Although they wanted to intervene to resolve the impasse at the ministry of Internal Affairs, some MPs were cut short by the tough language Aronda used to react to a contribution by Colonel Phinehas Katirima.

“I have heard what Katirima has said, but I will not listen to individulised talks, because the time I have is to deliver the national ID project on time” a visibly-charged Aronda said, without even referring to a member as “honourable”.

Bishop warns political liars:

As election year 2016 nears, politicians have started laying strategies of getting elected and it is that time when people promise to build a bridge where the is no river.

But the bishop of Masaka John Baptist Kaggwa will not allow any politician to make untenable promises. On November 23, while presiding over the Masaka Diocesan day celebrations, Bishop Kaggwa did not hide his unhappiness with some aspiring politicians who are promising heaven to his earthly flock.

“Why should you promise voters things you know you cannot do? I am not going to allow such people to speak in church and I will not even vote for you,” the bishop said.

Well, the man of God has spoken. Woe to those unprincipled liars!

Source : The Observer

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