Wolokoso – Sarah Kagingo Won’t Sign Out

We recently wrote in these pages that “sacked” Senior presidential assistant on communications Sarah Kagingo had refused to give up her job because she had not been formally sacked.

And if you have been following the latest developments, it appears that the social media guru who was “informally” recruited by some State House power base might have informally got back her job.

She has re-embarked on her “voluntary” services to boost the social media visibility of the visionary leader.

What rattled feathers is that even after the NRM paid an IT firm to post proceedings of last week’s NRM delegates’ conference at Namboole, it was as if Kagingo was the unofficial social media consultant for the conference.

Her followers however remain distressed that she has chosen to play the “Amama Mbabazi” style that she will not respond to any questions relating to her new status. It seems as Wolokoso tries to divine what is next for Mbabazi, we should keep an eye on @sarahkagingo

Where is Hon Nantaba?

A newspaper picture the other day featuring the honourable minister of state for Lands (MOSL) intrigued Wolokoso but it was not quite clear why. Eventually, though, Wolokoso understood why the photo was eye-catching (okay, the subject of the photo does catch an eye, but then again, we are used to that).

Hon MOSL has been rather quiet, and you have to wonder what she has been up to. The rabble-rousing politician was never out of the news only a few months ago, as she single-handedly took on the country’s legendary land-grabbing racket – all in the name of the appointing authority.

But then she ran into trouble with police chief Kale Kayihura, who also seemed to be acting on behalf of the appointing authority. Puzzled by this apparently uncoordinated movement of troops, one cartoonist juxtaposed MOSL and Kayihura inside Patagonian military boots and got them into a ‘quarrel’.

MOSL was asking: how dare you cancel my orders?

Kale retorted with something like: Do you know who told me to cancel your orders?

Well, it would be an understatement to say that we have not seen MOSL’s gusto much since then. Does it mean the land-grabbers have won? We hope not.

Mafabi silences clapping general

Former leader of opposition in Parliament, Nathan Nandala-Mafabi, is a no-nonsense man especially when it comes to matters to do with public finances. Government has over the past weeks struggled to push through a motion for the ratification of the Mutual Defence Act that will lead to the creation of the Eastern African Standby Force over issues of lack of quorum in Parliament.

Keen to have the motion passed, government last week mobilized its members and ministers to attend Parliament, and among them was the state minister for Defence, Gen Jeje Odongo, who had become not so common at Parliament. In the House, he took the lead in cheering on colleagues that argued against issues raised by the opposition to the incense of Mafabi.

The Budadiri West MP, without mincing words, stood up to silence the “clapping stock” in Parliament, who allegedly clap because they have orders to do so.

“I can see some of you like Gen Odongo here clapping yet he is never in Parliament. You don’t know what this bill is about because you have not been following the debate let those that understand the bill to contribute,” Mafabi told Odongo.

The general went silent.

Source : The Observer

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