Wolokoso – Nabukenya’s Swearing-in Party That Never Was

Luweero Woman MP-elect Brenda Nabukenya last Tuesday threw a mega party for her supporters to celebrate her swearing-in as an MP.

The stage at Kasana grounds in Luweero was set for the big do. At least five cows were slaughtered, and pilau rice was prepared in ‘Okonkwo’ quantities. With music blaring courtesy of JJ Events, the area was in the party mood.

Parliament is still on recess, and so Nabukenya’s swearing-in had been planned for the speaker’s chambers. With a few DP MPs, Nabukenya headed for Kadaga’s office only to be told that it had been rescheduled to June 18.

Not to make a double loss, Nabukenya set off for Luweero with MPs Mathias Nsubuga , Joseph Ssewungu, Susan Namaganda and Fred Mukasa Mbidde and the supposed party turned into a political rally.

Does cabinet now have a uniform?

During last week’s budget reading, a number of ministers came putting on identical neckties. Vice President Edward Kiwanuka Ssekandi and Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi sat together with yellowish-dotted neckties while Ministers Daudi Migereko (Lands) and John Nasasira (ICT) also sat together with plain ties of the same colour.

A good number of other ministers had the same colour of neckties but with differences in texture and decoration. Did they want to match the only man with a vision, who is accustomed to putting on yellowish neckties, or cabinet had adopted it as a uniform?

Minister charmed by Malaba men

In January, the state minister for Primary Healthcare, Sarah Opendi, warned men in Tororo to stop gossiping about which man she had an eye on or dating. She said she had eyes and could choose a man for herself. The middle-aged minister said she had looked round but had not seen any man in Tororo suitable to put a ring on her finger.

Well, the latest gossip is that if the unmarried minister is to get hitched, the lucky dude may come from Malaba. It all started during a recent rally to popularise the Kyankwanzi resolution at the Malaba town council offices.

While addressing the residents, Opendi suddenly started coughing but she did not have water to clear her throat. Before her aide and the body-guard could think of rushing to the nearby shop for a bottle of water, the LC3 vice-chairperson, Leonard Mayombo, surrendered his only bottle to the lady minister. This touched the minister.

“Hon LC 5 [chairman], do you see how men in Malaba behave? And I wonder why some women here complain of domestic violence when they have such good lovely gentlemen for husbands” Opendi said.

Well, Malaba men are now keeping their fingers crossed, although Wolokoso could not get a comment from the Malaba women about this matter.

Generous MP Badda

Bujumba MP Fred Badda has of recent developed philanthropist ways, bailing out many who run to him with financial problems. Last weekend, he was at his best as he travelled to his Ssese Islands constituency, causing excitement among his constituents with the money he was giving out.

He was first approached by a group of five taxi drivers at Nyendo in Masaka, and before they knew it, the MP had made them richer by Shs 1m. This attracted another group of youthful taxi drivers, which was also instantly given the same amount, before an elderly woman came. She too became Shs 250,000 richer.

The groups immediately announced him their 2016 sole candidate to retain his seat. Well, that means NRM has at least two sole candidates and Wolokoso hopes Badda will not run into trouble with the first sole candidate.

Kiwanuka’s accent, Museveni’s English

Over the years, President Museveni has not been famous for choosing very smart Finance ministers, but in Maria Kiwanuka, the old man with a hat rolled his eye in the right direction. Among other things, Kiwanuka’s exotic accent so excites MPs that when she was invited to make the 20142015 budget speech, some in the audience started imitating her.

But one man who appeared to have difficulties following Kiwanuka’s accent is the appointing authority. While mentioning some of the earmarked infrastructural projects for the new financial year, Museveni appeared worried that the country had not understood the minister’s accent.

“This minister has read out these projects in her style of English… ” Museveni said before reading the projects again – in his style of English.

The nation is awake

In recent years, every major speech featuring President Museveni has been followed by publication of big men and women sleeping like babies. This often gave the impression that Uganda was a nation in deep slumber.

But this year’s budget speech was different. At least most cabinet minister did not close their eyes to think about what Finance Minister Maria Kiwanuka said in her two-hour speech. Wolokoso has learnt that after images of the sleepy government officials and MPs during the state-of-the nation address went out in the media, Parliament’s Public Relations department devised means of minimizing the ugly scenes.

First was a thought of limiting photojournalists who captured the sleepy-moments from accessing the Serena Conference centre.Fearing what repercussions this would carry, another idea came in set up giant screens for the officials to watch.

Bart Kakooza’s Media Plus did not disappoint as it matched Maria Kiwanuka’s budget speech with relevant videos showing the projects she was talking about.

Source : The Observer

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