Wolokoso – Museveni Fears ‘Brave’ Bukenya

Some people are fond of belittling him, calling him a coward and all that because of his way of handling things.

But the very Catholic Busiro North MP and former Vice-President Gilbert Bukenya believes he is brave. See, Bukenya recently wrote a missive where he laughed at Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi over the latter’s troubles with ruling party MPs. And it turns out, the chairman of the party called Bukenya to make one or two things clear.

“That man in the State House called me to complain about the statement I wrote in response to Mbabazi’s wife,” Bukenya was overheard telling some journalists at Parliament.

Complain? That sounds an understatement. Perhaps the big man was grilling Bukenya…

“Grilling me? For what now?” Bukenya laughed. “Let me tell you: that man can’t grill me because I am a brave man who can talk with him and he doesn’t do anything, and he only fears me.”

Eh, perhaps in the forest kingdom, any tree would fear mahogany!

Presidential aiser praises Jinja mob:

The presidential aiser on Poverty Alleviation in Busoga, Maureen Kyalya, sometimes reminds you of former Vice-President Specioza Wandira, formerly known as Kazibwe. At the height of her powers, Kazibwe, also from Busoga, would say the unlikeliest things and yet she would come off looking okay, even cool.

Recently, Kyalya praised youths who stole chicken and bananas and razed part of an 80-acre demonstration farm in Nakabango village, Mafubira sub-county, Jinja district. Kyalya commended the youths during a recent crisis meeting called to resolve the matter.

“Although your action was bad because of the destruction and theft, it was also good as it woke us from sleeping it showed that you are on the right direction of fighting food insecurity and poverty in the region,” she said.

During the riot, the youths accused district leaders of mismanaging the poultry project launched by President Museveni. Last year, the president donated 2,600 chicks and an incubator largely to fight unemployment among youths in the district. But the birds appear to have been mismanaged and the farm is a far cry from the envisaged model.

On Baba Diri’s ‘daughter’ and the ‘humourable’ minister:

Margaret Baba Diri [NRM] is the 50-year-old, blind Woman MP for Koboko. Because of her condition, MP Baba Diri has this young woman who always assists her move in and out of Parliament’s precincts.

Like any other MP, Baba Diri also has a lot of needs which call for her efforts to lobby for her constituents. But to her dismay, when she recently lobbied the minister of state for Relief and Disaster Preparedness, Musa Ecweru, for something, the minister did not respond promptly.

Wolokoso overheard the minister telling the MP that he had not got time to work on the particular issue, although he promised to handle it later.

“In fact, you can only send the daughter because with her, I can sign any cheque,” the minister joked.

Aha, either Baba Diri has a secret that can unlock difficult doors, or the Hon minister has a good sense of humour – or both.

Frustrations of being an opposition MP:

It is not the easiest thing being an opposition member of the Uganda Parliament. First of all, you are one of a very small minority and every now and then in Parliament, you are bound to feel lonely.

Then you try to initiate some legislation and however good your idea, however noble your intention, it is bound to fail, not least because the majority MPs will not want to be seen supporting a bill brought by an ‘enemy of development’.

Now, opposition members have been frustrated by something else -the frequent adjournments of Parliament for one reason or the other. As Wolokoso recently heard, some of the MPs are contemplating going back to the villages to ‘oppose’ snakes.

“We are now idle at Parliament. Whenever we come for business, it is abruptly being called off by the speaker. So let us go back and start killing snakes in our villages,” Mukono Municipality MP Betty Nambooze was overheard saying on Thursday, after speaker adjourned the House for the third time since March 6.

She was flanked by FDC’s Stephen Ochola [Serere], who said: “It is better for the members of the opposition to go out of this parliament to their constituencies because NRM has taken over Parliament but the press should assist us to tell the people that opposition MPs have been rendered idle in Parliament, yet they report to parliament on a daily basis.”

Well, Hon Ochola, Serere has read this.

Source : The Observer

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