Wolokoso – Museveni, Besigye’s Love-Hate Relationship

It is well-known that there is no love lost between former FDC boss Kizza Besigye and President Museveni, after they did electoral battle three times.

But there are still moments of humanity between them, especially in moments of bereavement, with Besigye seizing the moral high ground. Besigye recently took off time to attend a requiem service for Jolly Kamugisha, Museveni’s cousin.

Indeed, it’s this church service that delayed the opposition stalwart at a press conference organized by A4C to push for his aide Sam Mugumya.

“I am sorry for joining my colleagues late I had a memorial service for my old friend at all Saints church who happens actually to be a relative of Mr Museveni.”

Besigye apologised as he arrived” I left Mr Museveni at the church I had to come here, but you know wherever Mr Museveni is, security takes over the whole place and its neighbourhood, but I have made it here.”

Well, well, what can Wolokoso say?

Kagingo awaits formal exit letterL

It appears that the woman named Sarah Kagingo is not simple. It was reported recently that that the president had ordered Kagingo’s exit from State House. Kagingo maintained that she was not fired because she had not got a termination letter.

This forced one presidential aide to ask Kagingo if she had an appointment letter in the first place. This was understood to be a suggestion that Kagingo was informally recruited by some powerful people in State House.

However, Wolokoso noted last week that Kagingo was posting presidential photos and speeches. Someone even asked her on social media whether she was now back for good.

Wolokoso understands that Kagingo has intimated to friends that until she is properly fired, she has to continue working otherwise, Mzee may be told that Kagingo absconded from work.

Well, it seems Kagingo is awaiting a formal letter from the person who informally recruited her. Ahaaa, Uganda!

NRM youth boss fails to look youthful:

The vice chairperson of the Sembabule district NRM youth league must be cursing God who gave him a look of a much older man.

Dick Kizza recently had a tough time when youths from Greater Masaka, attending a national NGO forum workshop at hotel Brovad, accused him, an “old man”, of denying them opportunities by masquerading as a youth. Though [still] young, Kizza has developed grey hair and he is steadily balding, which forced the youths to refer to him as grandfather.

Well, if he is indeed a grandfather, wouldn’t these young children show him more respect instead of asking him such embarrassing questions?

Hon Ekwau curses Chogm lifts:

Kaberamaido Woman MP Florence Ibii Ekwau will never forgive the lifts at Parliament’s North Wing, after they conspired to suggest that she has the weight of three adult human beings.

See, last Tuesday, the amiable MP entered an ascending lift on the second floor, but the lift refused to move, a sign that it was probably overloaded. Out of respect, one parliamentary staffer got out so that the big people could go up to serve the country. But the lift still refused.

Another parliamentary employee stepped out, but the lift remained adamant. At this time, one honourable suggested that it could be Hon Ibii who was the problem, but she paid him one disarming look and the matter was not discussed further.

A third person left the lift, but still it felt overloaded. With all eyes now on Ibii, she stepped out! And LOL, the doors immediately closed. Ibii was heard cursing “these Chogm lifts”, suggesting that they were substandard.

How could they refuse to carry her, as to suggest that she was too heavy for them?

Indeed, how could they?

Kaggwa has not seen nude Desire photos:

The chairperson of the Uganda Human Rights Commission, Med Kaggwa, is a clever man. When Kaggwa appeared before Parliament’s Human Rights committee last week, one MP thought he had tricked him by asking what he made of the Luzinda nude photo leakisbition. Kaggwa’s answer stripped the MP of any ammunition he had:

“For me I am computer-illiterate and I have not seen those photos!”

Other MPs tried to argue the photos were all over the papers and surely he must have seen them, but the chairman stood his ground.

But these MPs also! They think every man has a Desire for Luzinda’s photos?

Chairman Ssemujju is super strict:

When Ssemujju Ibrahim Nganda was still an Observer journalist, one of his catchwords was documents. Now that the Kyadondo East MP chairs the committee on Commissions, Statutory Authorities and State Enterprises, he seems to be holding on to his journalistic quest for documentary evidence.

At one time last week, Chairman Ssemujju ordered officials of the National Housing and Construction Company to produce all the kind of documents they had ever written in terms of memorandum of understanding with various entities especially State House.

He joked that even if the documents were as heavy as a pickup, he wouldn’t mind because Parliament has enough space. However, on another occasion, when Kasilo MP Elijah Okupa (interpreting Ssemujju’s earlier statement) asked URA officials to bring “boxes” of documents, chairman Ssemujju proved that it is hard to guess what he is thinking in a particular situation.

“For me I don’t need boxes [of documents], I want to be explained and understand the contents of the documents,” he said “Documents are for lawyers.”

You have to feel for Honourable Okupa. But well, these are FDC party colleagues and they must have sorted themselves out!

Source : The Observer

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