Wolokoso – Lumumba Now Becomes Mother Superior General

Anyone familiar with Catholic clergy knows that one of the most powerful positions for a woman is that of a mother superior general.

She will be the overall head of an order of nuns. And a lot of the time a rosary will be within an inch of her.

Now, according to some MPs, NRM Chief Whip Justine Kasule Lumumba is like the mother superior general of Parliament. A few months ago, Lumumba’s popularity hit new highs when she started dispensing money to bail out indebted MPs. And last week Lumumba was in high demand (and enthusiastic supply) as MPs flocked to her to partake of the holy blessings she received from the Vatican.

Lumumba was part of President Museveni’s 10-member delegation that met Pope Francis recently. Wolokoso understands that while in the Vatican, Lumumba bought as many rosaries as she could afford. Now she is charming MPs and her voters by giving them blessed rosaries.

Several MPs were seen at Parliament’s central lobby last Wednesday asking her for the blessed rosaries. She took to her role gleefully, placing her right hand on the head of whoever wanted the blessings.

And when Parliament adjourned, she moved to the main entrance of the Parliamentary chambers and got out a bundle of rosaries that she distributed to every MP who wanted. But one person who did not want one was Lumumba’s deputy, David Bahati, a Pentecostal Christian! Well, Wolokoso wondered if Bahati feels he is blessed enough and does not need more blessings!

Minister Byabagambi fears no arrest:

It seems that as the state minister for Internal Affairs, James Baba, thought that he would be feared for being in charge of the police, the arresting arm of the state. But it would appear that he can only intimidate fledglings, as he so dramatically found out last Wednesday.

A man called John Byabagambi is not among those milk-livered fellows who tremble on hearing the word police or its line minister. Last Wednesday, Byabagambi blocked several MPs who were driving out of Parliament as he stood with a group of people in the drive-way out of Parliament’s parking lot.

In trying to tell his cabinet colleague that he had become an inconvenience to motorists, Baba told Byabagambi “Even though you are the roads minister, I will get you arrested for misusing the road.”

Without a word, Byabagambi just opened Baba’s car and jumped in, as if telling him: ‘Here I am, arrest me’.

Humorous Prince Kassim Nakibinge:

Prince Kassim Nakibinge Kakungulu combines royalty and a good sense of humour. Nakibinge was chief guest at Sheikh Ahmad Mukasa’s thanksgiving ceremony at Mende, in Wakiso district, on October 25, and the quietness with which he watched proceedings at the function turned into rib-cracking moments when he was invited to speak.

First, he ranked the editor of Sheikh Mukasa’s memoirs among the worst editors because he had edited out his (Nakibinge’s) name from the list of some of the celebrant’s former students at Kibuli SS. This was not long before he ranked Mukasa a man among men for fathering at least 50 children.

“When I heard that at 80, you have 50 children and still counting, I whispered to the director of Shariah [Sheikh Hussein Rajab Kakooza] and told him that Sheikh Mukasa is not simply a man but a man among men,” Nakibinge said.

Ssewungu outs ‘selfish’ MPs:

Speaker Rebecca Kadaga has been persistent in pushing for electoral reforms to be urgently brought by the government. What she doesn’t know is that most MPs do not actually want those reforms to be tabled early. That is if we are to believe Kalungu West MP Joseph Gonzaga Ssewungu.

Speaking in Villa Maria recently, Ssewungu suggested MPs wanted the reforms to come late so that their term of Parliament would be extended – and the 2016 elections also postponed – to allow debate on the reforms.

“The Constitution has over 100 articles which must be amended including the restoration of the presidential term limit. One article alone can cost us three weeks fighting each other because we must debate for proper justification,” he said

But always the voice of reason, Ssewungu is not one of those selfish MPs: “Some of us are ready to receive this matter in the House and the moment they start, we shall move,” he said.

Musumba opens clinic:

Salaamu Musumba is one woman who often manages to combine controversy with political charm. The Kamuli LC-V boss played a pivotal role in founding FDC while married to a man who remained a minister in the NRM government.

And even as an FDC vice-president, she has remained close to key NRM pillars such as Speaker Rebecca Kadaga. And that is before mentioning the apparent thaw in her relations with President Museveni, with whom she travelled to the Vatican to meet Pope Francis.

In all this, Musumba never fails to brand herself as a woman of the people, though. She has now what she calls a “political clinic” to see political patients in her district every Friday. Speaking on Bukedde TV recently, Musumba said she was not like other leaders who don’t want to assist people they serve.

“Sometimes, people travel long journeys to come to Kamuli district headquarters, but they are finding barriers to reach the people they want to see at every level starting from the reception,” Musumba said.

Way to go ‘Dr’ Salaamu!

Source : The Observer

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