Wolokoso – Gen Otafiire Charms MP Nalubega, Loses Decorum

Doesn’t standard practice require the use of the official language during parliamentary proceedings?

Well, Justice and Constitutional Affairs Minister Kahinda Otafiire was under so much pressure he used Luganda to get through to Butambala Woman MP Mariam Nalubega. Otafiire was on Thursday answering questions from MPs about government’s efforts to save Ugandans facing the gallows in China over drug trafficking- related cases.

And when the questions got too many for the decorated army general, he put on his humorous coat, but there was no relenting. He sought Speaker Rebecca Kadaga’s protection but in vain.

He then directly pleaded with the MPs to stop, but this too seemed not to work. And when he saw Nalubega shoot up to ask a question, he tried something else.

“Aaaah nawe ndeka! Nkwegayiridde nsonyiwa ndeka, nawe Nalubega tuula,” Otafiire said. (Please spare me! I beg you, forgive me. Don’t ask another question. Nalubega, please resume your seat.)

While the general ‘convinced’ Nalubega, who melted into her seat, other MPs attacked Otafiire for abusing parliamentary decorum.

Yellow pigs haunt SFC:

It may be well over a month since the yellow-pigs protest at Parliament, but the ghosts of the yellow-painted animals seem to be still haunting some people. In the past weeks, some soldiers attached to the Special Forces Command (SFC), who were deployed at Parliament on the yellow-pigs day, have undergone intensive interrogations by their bosses.

Reason: how could pigs be sneaked into Parliament?

Wolokoso understands that when news went out that piglets had been sneaked into Parliament, somebody at Entebbe thought that the past leaders had been taken to the big man’s office.

“When they heard that pigs had been brought to Parliament, they thought they had been taken the other side of President’s office. so some people had to be questioned,” one of the security men at Parliament was overheard telling a colleague.

Anifa the only Sembabule ‘bull’

Following the election of Foreign Affairs Minister and Mawogola MP Sam Kahamba Kutesa as president of the UN General Assembly, and NRM’s expulsion of Lwemiyaga MP Theodore Ssekikubo, there is one NRM (wo)man standing in Sembabule.

Anifa Kawooya has always sided with Kutesa in his battle with Ssekikubo for supremacy in the district but with the two bulls literary written off, at least in as far as NRM affairs are concerned, Kawooya sees herself as the only ‘bull’ in the kraal.

At her meetings in the district, she will not forget to remind her audiences about the ‘bull’ in her now that the men are now somehow distracted from the district’s NRM politics.

“Hon Kutesa is busy with his UN duties as of now Hon Ssekikubo is on suspension from NRM. So, who remains? I am the only one, I am the NRM MP for the whole of Sembabule district. I am the only bull,” Kawooya told a recent meeting in Sembabule.

Source : The Observer

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