Woe unto ye men who detooth women

“Why are today’s men more interested in money than love?” Just asking! I mean, I am a follower of a certain TV show, and I have seen men aged 25-30 openly declaring their intentions – a mature and financially stable woman.

These men do not care if the woman is still in the child-bearing bracket all his heart and mind cares about is one thing – money! This money will enable him attain better standards of living since he is at the source of the money.

This is how they start: “My name is Fred Mukisa, a 26-year-old jobless man searching for a financially stable sugar mummy aged 45-55. She should be residing in Kampala.” He adds, “She should be able to take good care of me and also set up an income-generating project. I promise to do all she wants so long as I get what I want.”

Funny how money can be blinding! Someone does not even think about the possibility of acquiring the deadly infection.

Think of Monic, a very wealthy 45-year-old woman who has always taken aantage of a certain 26-year-old boy. All this boy cared about was money, and not sexual satisfaction. He did all the donkey work, and he was supposed to always be at Monic’s service whenever he was called on duty.

Misery soon set in for the boy and before long he was prohibited from talking to his friends or family members because Monic dictates on how often he should call and how long the calls he makes should last.

The beauty and wealth that had pulled this boy to this cougar was no longer enjoyable. How can anyone move freely when you are guarded.

Guys tuswaleko! Get out there, hassle hard and achieve tour dreams.

Think about a scenario where you have been infected, have no children, and no freedom, but you have the money, and yet someone decides on how it should be spent. Is that what you want?

Some of these women have gone through bizarre things to make their money, and all she will ever want is someone to share the joys of her pain with.
Don’t be tempted to be a victim of living under someone’s claws. Money is not something you can get easily, it comes with a price, it’s not like water from a stream.

People sacrifice a lot to get that good life you admire. It never comes on a silver plate or by surprise, they normally work hard for it.

Leave alone the lucky few, whose parents instead struggled for them. You who didn’t get the chance of having a rich parent should struggle on your own to become somebody. You go with intentions of extracting money but end up becoming a slave. Live to be called a man.


SOURCE: Daily Monitor

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