With Moreen, Ronald Mutebi’s Life is Organized [opinion]

Traffic in Lungujja came to a standstill when a long fleet of vehicles drew up to Moreen Nabasirye’s family home on Saturday, December 6.

Her fianceacute, Ronald Mutebi, was being introduced in a customary Kiganda marriage. With at least 70 cars in his entourage, Mutebi, the general manager of Sipro Educational Services, was sure of his family and friends’ support as he embarked on his journey to marriage.

Being a principled and systematic man, Mutebi decided it was the right time for him to formalize his relationship with Moreen, a records assistant at Ministry of justice, after four years of staying together.

“I felt she deserved this after four years of organizing my life. She has brought me so many blessings,” he said.

For her first appearance, Moreen stunned in a yellow gomesi accessorized with silver jewellery. She then changed into a blue gomesi with golden details. Later, the guests held their breaths when she changed into a pink evening gown. Mutebi says he loves Moreen because she is trustworthy and honest.

“The first time that she spent the night at my home, I was not sure about where to hide all the money I had in the house. I, however, chose to trust her and she did not disappoint my trust,” he said.

Mutebi was so impressed by Moreen’s faithfulness that he once again invited her over. The visits became endless until she moved in. The couple is currently blessed with a two-year-old daughter, Cotilda Nassuna.

The gifts

Moreen’s excitement could hardly be contained when she discovered that among the intimate gifts given to her by Mutebi in her suitcase, was a brand new laptop computer.

“I was so surprised to find a laptop in my case. I had never heard of gadgets being given to brides, so it was a nice surprise. Ronald is so loving and caring,” she gushed.

She said Mutebi loves showering her with expensive gifts.

“I love pampering Moreen because I want to give her the best life. She does so many things for me,” Mutebi responded to the “allegations”.

The challenges

Even with more than 100 people in his entourage, Mutebi was not contented. He had wanted all his friends to attend his introduction ceremony. He had planned to have 800 people escort him. However, due to limited space, he could only take 150.

Mutebi says he is planning for their wedding in 2016.

Source : The Observer