Why you should drink green tea

Many times, people have wondered about the benefits of green tea or how it is made. Justus Muhangi, a nutritionist at Dynapharm International, says green tea has several benefits, which every day consumers can exploit for good health.

“It has both synthetic antibiotic and probiotic properties, which help in digestive health,” says Muhangi.

He explains that green tea was first used in China for medicinal purposes, before its use spread to other countries across the world.

Extracted largely from the camellia sinensis plant, it has been used as a raw material for cosmetic products, healthy foods and dietary supplements. Green tea can be in the form of capsule tablets, fresh and dry leaves or powder form.

Key benefits
Here, Muhangi outlines some of the benefits of consuming green tea regularly.

•Green tea contains antioxidant compounds which reduce the formation of free radicals in the body. These act as immune boosters that help in fighting diseases and other infections. They also help to cleanse the body.

•If taken regularly, green tea can improve insulin sensitivity, and also reduce the level of blood sugars in the body. This can in the long run reduce a person’s risk of developing diabetes.

•Because of its anti-biotic properties, green tea inhibits the growth of bacteria, which lowers the risk of infections, improves dental health and fights bad breath.

•When taken regularly, green tea helps to inhibit the growth of cancer cells, hence lowering the risk of various cancers, including breast, prostate and skin cancers.

•Green tea also improves brain alertness and functioning, reduces mood swings, memory loss and fights food poisoning.

However, Muhangi says the public should be vigilant while buying green tea because of the presence of several fake versions on the market.

SOURCE: Daily Monitor

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