Why you need a master plan

A plan is a set drawings that define all the construction specifications of a residential house such as dimensions, materials, layouts, installation methods and techniques.
When it comes to construction, a master plan may have various interpretations depending on the subject matter for example, when planning on how to utilise your land, you need a comprehensive break down of how each portion of your land will be utilised, combining immediate and future developments.
Even when you are planning to build your home, a master plan in this case means putting down all necessary steps and requirements necessary for you to realise your project from start to completion.
Even when you intend to build in phases (developing one structure at a time) you need to have a bigger picture envisioning the complete development. For example, if you are planning to have developments such as a main house, guest wing, boys quarters, children play area, gazebo, swimming pool, gardens, generator house, security house and a small garden, among others, on this land, if all these are to be undertaken at once, or one at a time, either way, it requires a master plan to guide you on suitable location and arrangements.

Aantages of having a master plan
It shows the access road helps you plan the access driveways, walkways, public parking and private parking as it may apply.
It shows the location of every structureproposed development. Knowing where to put every structure or development will enable you make good use of your land, so by the time you break ground, you know what goes where. Having this kind of plan helps you make sense of the related sizes of the structures to help you plan accordingly.
Having a master plan helps you get a picture of how the entire budget is going to be, and consequently knowing what you need at every stage.
Services such as water and electricity will be well planned.
A master plan enables you merge your future plans, with the immediate ones,
With a master plan, one is able to concentrate on one aspect of the entire plan without affecting the rest.


SOURCE: Daily Monitor


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