Why posting your baby’s photos on social media is not a good idea

About a month ago, I stumbled upon a picture of parents posing with their cute baby boy on Facebook. As I was scrolling through the several comments that had been posted beneath the picture, there was one particular disturbing one.

“How come he does not resemble any of his parents?” the post read.

And as expected, the others came to the parents’ defence and began hurling insults at the person who wrote the post. It was really troubling seeing the baby being dragged into the mess. I kept thinking the parents could have just removed the photograph in order to end the drama. But they did not. The picture is still uploaded on their wall.

This particular incident reminded me of parents who have made it a habit to post pictures of their babies on social media.

I think it is okay to do so especially during special moments such as the child’s first birthday, when his first set of teeth appear and the day he took his first baby steps, among other progresses.

My problem, however, is with parents who overdo it by posting photos of every episode of the baby’s life, for instance, when they are breastfeeding, eating, being immunised, screaming and crying. I think it is just wrong.

Some parents may rebuke me by asking who gives me the right to judge their parenting ways. Some out there may even ask, “Is she a parent herself?”

And the answer is no. I am not yet one.
But if I had children, I would never document every incidence of their lives on any of the social media platforms because these podiums may end up turning against them during certain aspects of their lives.

What if this baby grew up and landed on this picture you once uploaded of either him or her potty training, would they be happy as an adult?
What if the pictures suddenly arouse the interest of a certain paedophile and kidnapper out there and they started trailing the baby?

And then there are these tabloids that may decide to use these pictures for their own mischievous deeds? Haven’t you come across certain stories in the tabloids accompanied with baby pictures and you keep wondering how they landed on the picture? Well, it could be from the same photos that one of the parents might have previously uploaded.

There is also the aspect of privacy.
There are just some things that should not be shared with the entire world. For instance, why post a naked picture of your baby for the entire world to see? You’re supposed to be protecting this child and not exposing their dignity for the whole world to see.

So, again, before you post your child’s photograph on any social media platform, think twice of what possible dangers you could be exposing them to.

SOURCE: Daily Monitor


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