Why medical consultation is crucial

A patient comes into the pharmacy for help. This time round however, they are not here to buy drugs or to consult on a disease. They want to know what their prescription says and if they got the right medication from wherever they bought it. These are the kind of patients who take their health seriously.

Medical professionals are human too, and are bound to make errors, which may sometimes have negative consequences, including costing a life. This kind of error may result from prescription of a wrong drug that bares a close resemblance to the right one, or from wrong dosage. It, is therefore, important to clarify with the pharmacist, to ensure one is taking the right medication in the recommended amount as prescribed by the doctor.

In addition, medical professionals see quite a number of patients every day with various health conditions. As a result, a person might find themselves being given medication meant for another patient.

Also, when a doctor writes a prescription that is not clear, the people at the pharmacy might end up dispensing something totally different from what is actually written on the medical form. They might also go ahead and recommend the wrong dose.

That is why it is important that patients always read the package inserts that come with various drugs. Patients should also inform the pharmacists about other drugs that they may be taking at the time, to avoid cases of being given drugs that may have negative effects.

While at the pharmacy, a person needs to be patient, to ensure that the health worker takes them through thorough counselling on how to take the medication. This way, you are able to avoid some of the effects that may result from wrong prescription or dosage.

The writer is a pharmacist

SOURCE: Daily Monitor

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