Why I’m in love with Jacqueline Mbabazi

Who told you every man can kill a lion? Today’s man is showing so much cowardice – and women are getting accolades for excelling in things that were considered unwomanly yesteryears.

Case in point: when the Uganda Martyrs were killed by Mukajanga on orders of Buganda’s Kabaka Mwanga, there wasn’t a single woman. Less than 150 years later, if the same happened today, I bet you might see more women on the list than men.

Women are increasingly becoming more daring, while men are taking pride in carrying ladies’ handbags.

Long ago, a woman was told when she was getting married, that her husband would protect her. A warrior of the village therefore, had more chances to marry the most beautiful girl.

I am, however, surprised that the courageous men left, and are only in the movies or traditional folk tales!

When rites of passage were staged, it was to show a man’s bravery.
Warriors went to war and died for honour. When they survived battles, they returned home to music and dances staged by women.

The Gishu rites of passage, for example, involved men facing the knife. They never showed signs of fear.

Today, some men cry as pain rips through their spine during the imbalu ceremony. Men! That was unheard of yesteryears. Things have changed! Women are doing, things some husbands are scared of. If you don’t find her flying a rocket to mars, she will be skydiving, constructing a skyscraper or commanding battles.

No wonder more women are becoming commanders-in-chief the likes of Angela Mikel, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, Dilma Rousseff. These ladies are taking the world by storm, and their husbands are nowhere in the picture.
I’m not therefore surprised that people in Uganda are showing admiration for Jackie Mbabazi.

They say she is showing bravery in defending her husband from ridicule and unfair treatment since he was thrown out of government.
There are many Jacquelines around the country and the world over.
Their husbands have taken a back seat. The job of defending them has been left to their wives.

When the man fears to face the landlord, he sends the wife to talk to him.
For the ladies around the country that take loans on behalf of their hubbies, Jackie Mbabazi might be your heroine.

One of my friends once said, “I wish Jackie was the actual Amama. May be, she is even the actual Mbabazi we thought as a ‘powerful man’.” But why would I agree with her? It is not the first time we are hearing of women driving the ambition of their powerful husbands.

You may recall Josephine’s influence on Napoleon Bonaparte, Winnie Byanyima and Dr Kizza Besigye, or Hillary and Bill Clinton. Men can change the world because of positive or negative influences from their wives.

So, our women help their husbands serve the world more responsibly.
Without being nagging, a woman whose tact drives her husband to achieve his dream serves the world a great deal, and that is why I wish more and more Jackies are born into this country, to help their husbands who cannot move or shake things, when they have to.


SOURCE: Daily Monitor

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