Why Does My Vehicle Bounce and Swing On Humps?

A vehicle that is in a good running condition should provide a stable drive and comfort.

A stable and comfortable vehicle is one which is not affected by the many challenges it encounters, such as bad roads strewn with potholes or roads interspaced by humps.

The bouncing and swinging of the vehicle every time it hits the potholes or humps is a clear indication that the vehicle has some fault which requires either a replacement or repair.

Whenever a vehicle swings, there are high chances that it could roll off the road, most especially when it is driving fast and tries to take a sharp bend. The vehicle could easily overturn, and the cause could be the swinging and bouncing.

I am sure you have sometimes noticed vehicles driving in front of you either swinging or bouncing. Well, these are some of the causes:

Broken rubber shock absorber springs. These are located at the top of each shock absorber. In case they get damaged or broken, they will cause the vehicle to swing

Broken coil springs and leaf springs. These do provide an added support and strength besides the shock absorber and in case one or more are broken, it will make the vehicle to bounce each time it hits a pothole or hump.

Broken dampers and bumper stops which are supposed to protect the body of the vehicle from breaking.

Suspension and lower pivot bushes, in case they get damaged and not replaced, would make the vehicle swing because they are there to hold the vehicle in one position.

Damaged or loose lower swivel joints would also make the vehicle swing when in motion, because these are supposed to provide a turning point for the vehicle.

Tie rod bar and the anti-roll bar should not be bent or have broken bushes.

Lastly, in case the shock absorbers are broken, damaged or worn out, they too would make the vehicle to swing and bounce a great deal each time the vehicle hits a pothole or hump. These will have to be replaced. Robert Kato is a mechanic who can be reached on:

Source : The Observer

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