Why can’t a man watch soap operas?

Of late, I have been severely bothered by this habit women have of putting tags on men ‘men can’t do this, men can’t do that, because it is for women’. Things like reading novels, watching sitcoms and my current rambling, poetry. I like poetry, no, I love poetry.

And I don’t feel like it reduces my masculinity at all, or makes me female. I’m not even the romantic type of guy, but I still like poetry as part of literature. I met a woman last week who I hadn’t seen in ages. And when she told me she was going for poetry recitals, I asked if I could come along.

Well, I expected she would be a bit surprised, but I wasn’t prepared for the strength of the reaction. She turned around and screwing up her face in disbelief asked, ‘whaatttt!?” I repeated that I wanted to come along for the recitals, if he didn’t mind.

It had been long since I’d last gone for something like that. She thought I was pulling her leg, but I was very serious. Shaking her head, she led the way. But through the entire recital, I could feel her looking at me intensely, probably wondering what I was up to.

I wasn’t the only guy there, so I was also wondering why she was picking on me was it because of my personality? I ignored her and enjoyed my poetry. As we walked out, she grabbed my hand and told me she was both surprised and impressed by the ‘new me’.

Laughing, I asked her what she meant. She clarified that there are very few men who understand poetry enough to enjoy it. And fewer men who still bother with poetry, calling it rubbish for foolish romantics. But, I am not a romantic, not that much anyway, but there she was wondering if I was not a woman disguised in a man’s skin.

I felt I needed to educate at least one woman, if it would help the collective male gender. So, we walked into a cafe, and over the next one hour, I broke it down to her how almost all the great poets and the greatest celebrated works were done by male poets. Yes, most of them were romantics, and a few had doubtable levels of sanity (think of Allan Poe), but they were men nevertheless. I couldn’t understand why anyone would find it surprising that a man should find something created by another man very enjoyable.

She still wasn’t convinced, claiming most of the poetry at least the romantic genre, was created for women, to be enjoyed by women. So, it’s strange that a man should enjoy something created by another man, for a woman.

So, to set things a bit clearer, I brought in the chefs. It’s a fact most chefs, the best chefs, in fact are men. So, should I not enjoy great food just because a man cooked it, whoever he intended to cook it for?

SOURCE: Daily Monitor

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