Why are all the women I want taken?

She sat quietly, seemingly out of place with the rest of us who were talking at the top of our voices. She sipped on her drink like she was being paid to model cold fresh juice. She made taking juice seem alluring, and if it had not been a point of defending my honor and integrity, I doubt I would have had the ability to do anything else but stare at this glorious creature. Someone at my table (we were not at the same table, I was eyeing her from across the room) had just made a very careless statement that I would never be able to settle down with a nice girl because all I look for in women is looks and instant gratification.
Normally, I would have let such foolish talk slide like water off a duck’s back. But this time, the timing was wrong I had had a sort of epiphany about two nights ago where I saw myself as a middle aged man with no family, and a string of ex-girlfriends. No, I did not want to be that man, so I had to clarify to this guy, mostly to reassure myself that I was a better person than this idiot was portraying me to be. But, at the same time, there was this girl across the room. She was in simple words, ‘simply delectable’.
After two minutes of attempting to educate this idiot, I gave up and redirected all my attention to that lady who every cell in my body was telling me was the one the one woman I was destined to end up with, the one woman who would prove to these idiots that one can get a beautiful woman and also settle down with her. But, there was a small problem she seemed to be waiting for someone, and that annoying pessimistic voice inside my head was certain the person she was waiting for was a man. Her man, her boyfriend, or even her husband! That little voice was getting really annoying – I had to do something now.
I stood up, excused myself and walked towards her. She saw me coming, took one more sip in that maddening way, put down her glass, tilted her head in a questioning way and looked at me. Upclose, she was even more stunning, and unsettling her beauty was too physically perfect, out of this world. But I was not there to question her human or angelic nature, and besides, she was still looking at me probably waiting for me to explain myself. Gingerly, I pulled a chair, sat down, and realised I was absolutely lost I did not have any idea where to start from, telling her about how she was the one woman I was meant to settle down with, my destiny. I could see it clearly in my mind, the issue was making her see it the same way. Leaving everything to fate, I introduced myself, and asked if I could join her, seeing that she was all by herself and…. she cut me short. Thanking me for being such a gentleman, she explained that she was in f act no longer alone as her husband was right behind me. I did not like the words “husband”, but even worse, the guy was standing right there. I think he said hello, I did not really hear him, as I was walking away, and off to my miserable life. Why are the women who are meant to be mine, always taken?

SOURCE: Daily Monitor