Where There Is No Human Washing Machine

For most men, getting your shirt washed or socks and underwear cleaned will need the intervention of some women in your life – mother, wife or girlfriend, even daughter if you please.

Washing clothes, as we call it often, is one of the most unwantedly tedious activities most men admit to. Yet when it comes to liking them clean and wearing them to waste, we are rivalled by none. There are many reasons for this aversion to washing clothes or doing laundry as it’s referred to in modern speak.

For the most part, we do not have the time to sit or bend over a basin of dirty clothes and rubbing and squeezing away. The other day, I was at the ‘dry cleaners’ dropping off some jackets and ties when I joined the two-man queue that had formed. Both men had with them linen shirts, some T-shirts [cotton], jean trousers, socks and one had a heap of handkerchiefs! They looked well-groomed and young into their late 30s to early 40s.

By all accounts they are the type that have a wife or several, or are affluent enough to own washing machines. How on earth they were at the ‘dry cleaners’ to drop off shirts, hankies and jeans still remains as baffling as the answer I received from the girl manning the ‘dry cleaners’.

“They have money and no time,” she replied to my question of how can one have even their hankies washed here, before adding, “And their wives have ‘cutex’ on their fingernails.” Sardonic as she sounded, her reply was all too true.

We all will relate to the fact that our time is more preciously spent chasing money and other finer things in life like those captivating soccer games that come on at a time when one would be washing. And so we are left no choice but to partake of laundry services, which many of us still call “dry cleaner”.

And true to the name, ‘dry cleaner’ services were hitherto specialised laundry services for those garments which we couldn’t have washed at home like suit jackets. In the days gone by, young men rushed to get married to find a cheaper way to do the laundry, tired of spending a fortune with the local laundry guys also known as dhobi .

The experience with dhobis is that they simply wash and iron and have little input into proper handling. They arewere so unscrupulous that for a couple thousands, they can lend out your clothes to some chap to attend a wedding!

There is also little recourse in the event of damage to the clothes or a colour splash. So, to avert much of this inconvenience and spare oneself from the world’s most boring chore (as washing clothes has been referred to), more professional establishments have sprung up in the city and other urban centres.

Question remains, must every garment find itself at the ‘dry cleaners’? Shouldn’t there be a threshold? Well, that depends largely on how much money one is willing to spend against how little time they have or their inert dislike for washing.

On the other hand, there is recourse in washing machines – these are increasingly getting handy not only for bachelors but even for marrieds whose wives are clearly not human washing machines.

There is no excuse for wearing your jeans four times without a wash, or ‘rebounding’ a T-shirt thrice and wearing your underwear inside out because you are too lazy to wash them. Remember, you are addressed the way you are dressed and clean clothes are the window into that area!

Source : The Observer

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