When ignorance and hatred dance together

Last week, a newspaper published hateful material about me. When I intimated that I intended to sue for libel, the newspaper revealed the person who had wrongly and shamelessly lied about me. I decided to forgive the originators of false news.

However, I am critical of publishers and editors of newspapers who thrive on publishing whatever is paid for without checking the truth or motives of their informers or the damage they do to innocent people. Fortunately, many times malicious informers become victims of their own hateful acts as in this particular hate campaign.

Another reason that prevented me from exposing the merchants of hate is that following its publication, I received numerous calls from the people the publication was intended to provoke into disliking me, supporting my principles and honesty and condemning those whose intent was aimed at damaging my character and reputation. Alas, it would appear that their venomous intentions produced the opposite effect of what they maliciously hoped for.
As a Christian, I remember two divine guidelines – “Blessed are those who love those that hate them” and the second, “opponents of truth shall perish and none will enter into the Kingdom of God”. I pray that the people who attempted to do harm to me will repent.

I am certain that God Almighty will, in his infinite wisdom, hear their prayers and readily forgive them. I request the Banyakigezi who read and heard about the malicious false publication about me to equally forgive the perpetuators of falsehoods and pray for them.

I recall the wise aice given to me by my bishop. “Do not hate anyone because in the process of perpetuating your hatred, it is you who will suffer and not your intended victims”. Since reading the accusations against me in the press, I have continued to sleep peacefully and soundly throughout every night of the week.

Sleepless nights
On the other hand, I suspect that he or she who paid for the spread of lies about me may still be spending sleepless nights thinking how to harm me further and agonising about his or her evil intentions, watching and wondering about any further reactions to what he or she maliciously published to invoke the powers of the devil and praying it to strike me down or send me to oblivion.

The disclosure of who they are shows that they also claim to be Christians. Consequently, they must remember the story of the Jewish Passover.

As Moses pleaded for the liberation of the children of Israel from the bondage of slavery in Egypt, that country’s supreme ruler defied the will of God and mocked His divine majesty, ordering the butchering of the Israeli firstborns.

God Almighty in His grace and mercy protected the would-be victims and reversed Pharaoh’s intended tragedy by visiting it onto the firstborns of the Egyptians themselves. The lesson from this to those who appear to thrive on hate is quiet clear. Do not judge others unjustly lest God judges you more harshly.

Since I know the purveyors of falsity that was published, I wish to declare publicly that I was not responsible for your failures or criticism of you by those who sued us. You acted maliciously because we were all accused together.

In court, you and I were honourably defended by our lawyers. It would have been illogical and against my own interests to side with the applicants who were against us and abandon you who with me were defending the survival of the university. If you have any morals, you ought to be ashamed of yourself and apologise to the victims of your wrong-doing.

Finally, what was published last Saturday reminds me of what occurred in the Constituent Assembly elections. A man who claimed to be a devout Protestant Christian as I, de-campaigned me for being friendly with and seeking the support and votes of Catholic Christians. He vowed never to vote for me. Surprisingly, he ended up having to vote for one of my Catholic opponents rather than vote for me. That appears to be the folly of people who are ignorant and hateful and whose motives and actions go beyond the understanding of ordinary sane man and women of this world.

Prof Kanyeihamba is a retired Supreme Court judge. gwkany@yahoo.com

SOURCE: Daily Monitor

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