What Uganda’s Win Over Nigeria Means for the Cranes’ Future [analysis]

The junkies, like many Ugandans, were frankly caught by surprise by Cranes’ win over Nigeria last week. In fact they have not stopped talking about it even a week later…

Zziwa: Honestly people, I was surprised that Cranes beat Nigeria.

Nsimbe: So was I. But you see, teams you give little chance are full of surprises.

Sebugwawo: Wapi, Uganda just fluked that result nothing else.

Nsimbe: How exactly does that happen, Sebugwawo?

Sebugwawo: One deflected shot on target and then you win by that and then you aren’t even ashamed to celebrate? Shocking.

Kiyonga: Bagambe…..I hear Cranes is now a world beater.

Maleobubwe: Wamma, let’s go Cranes. We beat Nigeria.

Rhona: Is that true? Why aren’t we African champions? Naye Cranes…

Zziwa: But one of these days we will find Sebugwawo and Kiyonga after they’ve strangled themselves. You wonder what’s wrong with them and their hate for Cranes.

Sebugwawo: Cranes just wins games that don’t matter and the important ones, they lose.

Kiggundu: I doubt there is a game that doesn’t matter today. This win over Nigeria will improve our Fifa rankings.

Kiyonga: And then what? Will Uganda qualify for Afcon because of that?

Nsimbe: Before that game was played, both Sebugwawo and Kiyonga were projecting a 5-0 win for their beloved Nigeria. Now what?

Sebugwawo: I won’t apologise for being a Nigeria fan.

Kiyonga: I’m with you, Sebugwawo, on that too. Nigeria all the way!

Lumu: MP Ssemujju Nganda must be with you two guys too.

Kakaire: No, Lumu, that’s madness. I also like Nigeria but I can’t support it when Uganda is playing.

Sebugwawo: That’s up to you, Kakaire. But anyway, what was Uganda playing?

Kiyonga: Cranes couldn’t even put together five passes.

Nsimbe: The truth is that Cranes weren’t fluid in approach. But they played to their strengths getting behind the ball well and counter-attacking.

Sebugwawo: Bye biki ebyo?

Mugalu: But people, especially Sebugwawo, let’s give credit where it’s due.

Atusiimire: By the way, I also chanced on that Cranes game and the boys did well.

Kiggundu: For me, I think these new players will make a difference to the team’s objectives.

Mugalu: That’s true, Kiggundu. Micho could have found the winning tonic now.

Nsimbe: Temwerimba……We may never see most of these players play again.

Kiyonga: Let us wait for the Cranes in the qualifiers. They’ll choke as usual.

Lumu: Clearly, it’s unlikely that Micho can drop the Tonny Mawejjes for these new players.

Kabuye: Ebyo tebitukwatako kati…Cranes beat Nigeria, period.

Ssekika: But when did this Kabuye learn anything about football? Why do you people allow him on this forum instead of other people?

Kabuye: Look at this short man questioning my football knowledge.

Lumu: But of the two of you, who is taller? Come stand next to each other and I measure.

Source : The Observer


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