What On Earth Are We Doing Here?

Either Greg hadn’t been exaggerating when he said he was wrapping up his recording, or he put an abrupt halt to it, as he returned in under ten minutes, but this time, he wasn’t alone as he was trailed by three members of his crew.

While I didn’t remember their names, I did recognize their faces, and knew I’d met all of them during the period when Greg and I had had our affair, which made me rather uncomfortable as we exchanged greetings. Thankfully, none of them dared to be anything but discreet, in the presence of their boss, and Greg thoughtfully kept our interaction to a minimum, as he ushered us all out of the building to the car park.

“Guys, great work today! Let’s link up tomorrow and put in some finishing touches,” he dismissed them once we were outside, and as they ambled off, he guided me towards his car, and like a true gentleman, held open the co-drivers door for me, before getting in himself.

“So, where to?” Greg asked as he started up the car.

“I would say, some place private, but there’s no such thing as a private place when you’re part of the picture, so I’ll settle for anywhere we can talk,” I answered wryly.

“Some place private huh? Contrary to what you think, I believe I actually can deliver on that,” he smiled like someone enjoying some sort of private joke, and we drove on in comfortable silence for a few minutes before he spoke again: “Please don’t take this the wrong way because I’m really happy you came but why are you back?”

“I’m in trouble,” I answered simply, not seeing the point of beating around the bush.

“I figured it was something like that. What sort of trouble?” he asked quietly.

“Money problems. Chris appears to have hit a rough patch as far as finances go, and he’s not giving me any money for the house, so I got into debt, and now I have no way to pay it back. I’m really sorry to bother you with this, but my sister wouldn’t bail me out, and I honestly had nowhere else to go,” I explained apologetically, my face burning with shame.

“No need to apologise I could horsewhip Chris for putting you through this, but I’m glad you know you can always come to me for help,” he said honestly.

“Thank you,” I thanked him gratefully.

“Don’t mention it, after all that we’ve been through, money is no big deal. If I’ve got it, and you need it, all you need to do is ask.”

“Thanks Greg, I really appreciate that,” I answered softly, touched by his kindness, especially since we had hardly broken up on the best of terms, and so he didn’t owe me anything.

He could have used this situation to mock me rather than be nice to me, and I was deeply moved by the fact that he’d chosen not to do so. It spoke volumes about him as a person, and as we lapsed into another comfortable silence, I thought of this other side of his character that I was only getting to see now, and wondered what other sides of him I’d never got the opportunity to discover, and if I ever would.

I was so lost in my thoughts that I really didn’t pay much attention to where we were headed, until Greg pulled up in front of a house that I recognized right away as the one belonging to his close friend Andrew, where he and I had carried out a lot of our clandestine, passion-filled meetings…

Source : The Observer

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