What it means to survive child sacrifice

when stories around ritual sacrifice come up, the victims are usually dead. But not for *Lawrence and *Faith, who lived past their captors intentions.
At the age of three, Lawrence, nine, had his private parts cut off by one of his neighbours at his home in Busia. His caretaker, Collin Owino, the field coordinator, End Child Sacrifice Kyampisi Organisation, says to get him to the nearest hospital, Lawrence had to endure a four-hour ride on a motorcycle.
On that fateful day, both Lawrence’s parents had gone for a funeral in the neighbourhood when a man waylaid him with sweets and had his private parts cut off.
It was only when Mukisa’s parents returned and mounted a search for him that he was found. Owino says Lawrence was found lying lifeless in a pool of blood in a nearby field.

Determination to live
It is from here that he was taken to hospital where he spent a number of days unconscious.
When Lawrence gained consciousness, he identified his mutilator as one of his family’s neighbours.
Soon he was discharged from hospital since pain had been managed. However, he had to adjust to a life of using a catheter for excretion.
That was until two years ago when good Samaritans took him to Australia for penis reconstruction.
Though living a relatively normal life, Lawrence, who is currently in Primary One, will not only have to undergo another surgery when he turns 18, but doctors say he will also never be able to father children.

All is not lost
For Faith, eight, her tale is not different from Lawrence’s. She was abducted at the age of one-and-half years from Rakai District. One of her family’s neighbours later on confessed that he had taken her away.
Lawrence was forced to live with witch doctors for one-and-half years until her captors grew tired of her and abandoned her in one of the fields in Masaka.
She was parceled in a sack with hands and feet bound and thrown away.
By the time she was found, she had developed facial hair and had become a cripple as a result of the ropes that bound her.
Faith’s teeth had been removed and she was malnourished.
She was discovered by a woman at a nearby home who was drawn to the sack when she heard wails. She initially thought it was an abandoned pig, only to open and find a child.

The aftermath
The good Samaritan nursed her but realised she could only do so much so she reached out to different organisations. These offered support and helped reunite Faith with her parents.
In spite of all these leaps, Faithcould not live with her parents given that she needed treatment which was too costly for them. She now uses a wheel chair and is still undergoing physiotherapy under the care of Kyampisi children organisation.

Else where
Another success story is the narrow escape of *Tumukunde. This took place in Kabunyata zone, Luwero District. The nine year old and his late sister *Baitwa had gone to the field to take care of cows with their father.
After long hours of work, their father went to collect some food but on returning, found them missing.
After searching for them for a while, he finally found them lying in a pool of their own blood.
Baitwa’s clitoris had been cut off after suspected defilement in full view of Tumukunde.

By the time their father found them, Nankunda was dead while Tumukunde was fighting for his life.
He was taken to the health centre but due to the gravity of the cuts, Tumukunde was referred to Mulago Hospital.
His attackers tried to chop him with a knife but by God’s grace he managed to escape.

Tumukundehas managed to recover from the physical injuries inflicted on him, but three years after the incidence, he is yet to come to terms with the tragic attack.
He has nightmares and his family has tried to ease the Primary One pupil’s rehabilitation by moving house.
Although the worst is over, time will tell whether these children will finally be able to lead normal lives.
For now, their families can only hope that restoration will be achieved.

SOURCE: Daily Monitor


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