What is this government’s plan for Uganda?

In the last US elections, Barack Obama made a funny remark about his then opponent Mitt Romney – that he shoots first and aims later. When you closely look at the performance of Uganda’s ruling party, NRM over the years, you easily realise that those words describe NRM perfectly.
Recently, Daily Monitor reported that banks are worried of the government’s plan to cancel wetland titles. By the time NRM came to power, there was little if any, encroachment on wetlands. Unfortunately, President Museveni is a great aocate of population growth – ostensibly to create market – but he has been doing this without diversifying Uganda’s economy hence the fastest growing industry has been peasantry, leading to encroachment on forests, wetlands and woodlands.
This state of affairs has encouraged those in urban areas to descend on wetlands as well, putting up permanent structures and factories and the government gives them titles, which titles they have mortgaged to banks for loans. Now that nature has begun to riot against the government’s environmental and economic ignorance, the same government is planning to cancel titles in wetlands, causing panic in the banking industry. I want to ask the government the following questions:
l Do you have a plan for this nation?
l If so, are you following that plan?
l If so, is that plan pro-people?
For God and my country.
Kennedy Kabonge,

SOURCE: Daily Monitor