What in the world Man injects manhood with vaseline

A man was left with a swollen and painful manhood, thanks to injecting himself with petroleum jelly in the hope it would make his manhood bigger. The father-of-one, Szilveszter, 24, who now lives in Bolton, feared he would never be able to have more children after the DIY procedure left him unable to have sex.
“I had to stop getting intimate with my wife as it was too painful. This was the worst mistake in my life,” the Hungarian born Szilveszter said while sharing his story on TLC’s Extreme Beauty Disasters. He said he had Vaseline injected into his manhood following a friend’s recommendation.
“I said to my friend I wanted to lose weight as I think my manhood was small. He said you don’t need to lose weight, I can help you. My friend then injected me with Vaseline. I was happy as it looked bigger.” But nine months later, it was swollen, painful and bleeding.
He saw doctors, but all told him there was nothing they could do. He turned to Extreme Beauty Disasters where there was hope he could be cured.
After examining Szilveszter, the doctor said: “It’s not a pretty slight, it’s inflamed, it’s sore, it’s misshapen, his manhood is a disaster.”
He added: “I have been doing plastic surgery now for 20 years and I have never seen anything like this. Injecting petroleum jelly into the manhood makes no sense on any level.”
“Your body formed scar tissue around the Vaseline because it is a foreign body, your body is trying to ward it off and it gives you these painful lumps, it will soon start to ulcer through the skin. The other problem is the foreskin is swelling and splitting – the foreskin is 15 times more swollen than should be,” the doctor explained to Szilveszter
The cosmetic surgeon said the only option would be for Szilveszter to have an operation where his manhood would be ‘skinned’ to remove the Vaseline and scar tissue.
“I have never done this before but fingers crossed we can save his manhood.”
After hours of surgery, the operation was a success.
The doctors removed all the Vaseline and scar tissue and Szilveszter is now back in full health, following his recovery from the operation. He said he had learnt his lesson and won’t meddle with his manhood size again.


SOURCE: Daily Monitor


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