What are bushes?

So what are bushes?
According to Driverside.com, “bushings are little rubber or polyurethane linings that cushion noise, friction, and movement. Typically found in suspension systems.” Underline polyurethane. We shall come back to it.

They are found in every joint of the suspension system, and though small and seemingly insignificant, they play a very big role and their absence can be felt.There is a reason for this. A car’s suspension system is made up of metallic parts, so even with the shock absorbers, you are going to be feeling the vibrations. This is why bushes are so important. They soak up vibrations and limit the amount of contact between metals.

To replicate what our bushings are trying to avoid, grab a knife or a fork and scratch it very hard inside a saucepan. I can guarantee you a toe curling irritating effect. My mechanic friend Vincent Musaakiriza at Glory Garage in Nalukolongo compares bushes to stockings on the feet to make sure the shoes do not become uncomfortable. Now, remember we have said they are made of rubber?

Well, rubber has quite a few bad habits, chief among them being its fickle nature when exposed to extreme temperatures. And because most cars will leave the assembly line with rubber bushes, the ones you have installed will wear out sooner or later. And that is why the definition said rubber or polyurethane. It is much tougher and much, much more durable.

So what will happen to your car if your bushes fail? Well, according to Musaakiriza, first, your suspension is going to develop a loud mouth, because the metal parts it covers will be exposed and metal will crunch against metal. That is not the worst part. It wears out the tyres quicker and the handling becomesfor lack of a better word-sloppy.

If you can remember, the suspension system also consists of the steering arms. Obukono as they are known locally. So when I say sloppy, I mean there might be a delayed or unallowable response to your steering input. This is very unsafe. The good news however is they are cheap to buy and any self respecting mechanic will not charge you a premium for a replacement.


SOURCE: Daily Monitor

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