West Nile wants presidential age limit lowered


A section of leaders in West Nile region have recommended for the lowering of the presidential age limit from 75 to 70.

They also want Members of Parliament who are appointed as ministers to relinquish the responsibility of MPs to allow the principle of separation of power to flourish. This was agreed upon during a consultation meeting on free and fair elections organised by Uganda Governance Monitoring Platform in Arua at the weekend.

Mr Juma Bakhit, a member of UPC in Arua said: “If the limit is from 35 to 70, it will give a chance to the young ones to have hope that they too can become presidents of this great nation.”

But Mr Simon Ejua, the NRM party chairman for Arua District said the sitting president should be exempted if the proposal becomes law. “I am not against that proposal but the sitting president should be exempted and should apply to those who will come after him because he is currently the choice of the party.” Mr Ejua said.

The current presidential age limit is 75. If the proposal goes through, it would automatically put the President out of the 2016 general elections since he would be above the age.

Former vocal Ayivu County MP, Mr Dick Nyai, said the Army should be removed from parliament because their presence in the House was inconsistent with the Constitution.

“This issue of soldiers sitting in a civilian Parliament should be solved once and for all. The constitution says that the army shall be obedient to civilian rule and I don’t see what they are doing there apart from taking partisan positions,” Mr Nyai said.


SOURCE: Daily Monitor

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