West Ankole Bishop Wanted in Court

The High court in Mbarara on Tuesday ordered West Ankole Bishop Yona Katonene to appear in court next month. Justice Duncan Gaswaga was angry that the bishop skipped court, over a case in which he is accused of trying to transfer Ankole Western University from Kabwohe town in Sheema district to Katungu in Bushenyi.

The case was lodged by Sam Kahindi, the head of laity of Kabwohe Church of Uganda and member of the university’s governing body, and Wilber Asiimwe, a prominent businessman in Kampala who hails in Bushenyi district. Katonene appeared in court in the first session in September, but failed to show up on Tuesday, leaving the judge fuming.

Katonene has two years before he retires, but he has been rejected by some Christians who have even tried to block him from leading church services. Kahindi told The Observer at Mbarara High court that Bishop Katonene was trying to buy time so that his term of office expires before the case is settled.

Judge Gaswaga ordered lawyers Ronald Oine (for the applicants) and Owen Murangira (for Katonene) to ensure that their clients are in court on January 15, 2015.

“I want to tell you lawyers, you need to go and settle everything but that kind of mind games you are playing I will not tolerate it,” Gaswaga said. “I will not allow you lawyers to confuse me with minor issues to waste my time.”

Source : The Observer

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