Wedding – Omolo, Alweny Boost Their Relationship Bliss [analysis]

Seven years and three children later, John Omolo and Beatrice Alweny had their shot at true marital bliss. Omolo, who is a sales representative with Samia Dairy, finally fulfilled the Jopadhola traditional marriage requirements, making an important step in fully formalizing his union with his long-term sweetheart.

Omolo and Alweny, who were neighbours, started out as childhood friends in the village. And typical of such relationships, their greatest and most memorable rendezvous was the well, where they both fetched water in the evenings after school.

Then in 2008 Omolo met Alweny in Kampala, where they finally had a real date with no water pots or well, at Centenary park and that is where real love blossomed.


Last weekend, the couple went back to their original meeting place and as Alweny waited with her relatives at her parents’ home in Sesera-Nagongera in Tororo district, Omolo and his entourage set off from his family home, 200m away.

At 3:15pm, Omolo and his entourage arrived at Alweny’s parents’ home in a rather long convoy, given the distance! The MC took charge of the activities and surprisingly by 3:33pm, Omolo was officially a son-in-law to Alweny’s parents.

The rest of the festivities continued. Oketcho Munyoli, a popular artiste in Tororo, entertained guests as Alweny walked into the tent to greet Omolo’s entourage, as guests clapped along.


Omolo fulfilled every Jopadhola tradition, bringing five cows and five goats, a sofa set and smaller items as gifts for Alweny’s parents. (In Jopadhola culture, a girl’s bride price – nywomi – must comprise at least five cows and five goats).

Alweny’s was understandably the happiest face at the ceremony.

“I have been asking my man for seven years why we don’t have an introduction ceremony,” Alweny said in her speech.

Well, now she has a solid foundation to ask her sweetheart for a church wedding…

Source : The Observer


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