Wedding – Nabil and Hawa Take a Lap of Faith

December 6, 2014 is Nabil Sadi’s new best day ever. It is the day he was introduced by his longtime girlfriend, Hawa Namyalo, to her parents at a colourful function held in Kalububbu, Sembabule district.

Sadi, a Mugwere by tribe, made several stopovers as he picked friends and family to accompany him to his sweetheart’s home. Shell Busega was the final meeting point. The four-hour journey started at 9:55am and ended at Kalububbu mosque, where the final dressing, prayers and instruction by the spokesman happened, before driving another 15km to the bride’s family home.

Namyalo’s home is on the roadside in a trading centre, but there was no pomp upon our arrival, causing Sadi to doubt he was at the right place. Well, it was, as all the pomp awaited inside the compound. The lull had come from the fact that food was being served at the back of the building, when Sadi and his entourage arrived.

How they met

Sadi met Namyalo at the college of Business and Management Sciences at Makerere University. The two were both members of Makerere Economics Muslim Students’ Union, where Sadi was in his final year in 2009 and was the union’s speaker. Namyalo was second-year student and an active member of the association.

Namyalo, a Muganda by tribe, is beautiful, humble and has a great smile it is easy to see why Sadi fell in love with her. Their first date was at Garden City mall’s rooftop, where they agreed to see each other exclusively.

That day Namyalo received chocolate and sweets from Sadi, but says their g religious background did not permit them to exchange kisses with the sweets.

The function

“I am happy I have found the right wife and we are going to be together for the rest of our lives,” Sadi said.

Sadi is a stores manager with Kinyara sugar factory. Contrary to recent developments at kwanjula ceremonies, this groom and his people were mercilessly ‘tortured’in the scorching sun. After close to an hour of back and forth haggling at the entrance, they were finally ushered in and rewarded with a heavy lunch.

The couple is too religious that at their function, everything was done with Allah in mind. Sadi presented his gifts, which included a motorcycle, to Namyalo’s parents. By 7:15pm, the ecstatic groom was headed back to Kampala, feeling complete at last.

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Source : The Observer

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