Wedding – Museveni Aises Care and Control to Kenneth, Sarah

At any wedding reception, the bride and groom are usually the ‘chief’ guest, but that can quickly change when the head of state is in the audience.

Yet rather than take the attention away from the bagole, President Museveni’s appearance at Lugogo show ground late last month appeared to bring Kenneth Baija and Sarah Nduhukire into ever sharper focus. Who are they to attract the head of state to their wedding?

Of course that question needed to be pondered with some reservations we are at an interesting point in our electoral cycle – a time when the president seems to be more available for these kinds of events. Whatever the dynamics, Kenneth and Sarah seemed happy to have the president as the main guest – the invasive security checks notwithstanding.

And the guests themselves seemed to take it in good stride, enjoying every minute of the colourful ceremony. It was when Museveni rose to speak that everybody seemed to ‘slow down’ and listen very attentively. The president urged men to look after their wives.

“Men should be humble and take care of their wives,” he said.

But if Sarah was smiling and quietly pinching her groom, she was mistaken. For while Museveni urged humility and care from the man, his next piece of aice suggested that Kenneth should not surrender control of proceedings. Museveni cautioned couples against being overly ambitious particularly under pressure from their wives. He said such conduct could be detrimental to their lives and wellbeing of their families.

Kenneth, who works with State House, listened attentively to his ultimate boss, as so did Sarah, an employee of Uganda National Roads Authority. Kenneth is a son to the late Dr Gershom Baija and Mrs Jennifer Baija of Kashaari, Mbarara, while Sarah is the daughter of Mr and Mrs George Turyamureba of Obwengaara, Kazo, Kiruhura district.

Museveni thanked Mrs Jennifer Baija for her exemplary performance by ably raising her children after her husband’s death. For his part, Kenneth Baija, in a black suit and orange bowtie, thanked the president for honouring their invitation, the good fatherly words and for employing him.

Sarah, dressed in a white strapless gown, pledged to manage her family well. One of the crowning moments was when the president joined the couple to cut the deceptively simple but well-decorated cake.

Speaker after speaker all expressed their happiness to the couple as Mrs Baija aised the newlywed couple to respect each other as a requirement for a happy and enduring union.

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Source : The Observer

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