Wedding – Heavy Downpour Did Not Dampen Rashidah’s Mood

As heavy rain persisted the whole day on October 25, Rashidah Namakula remained upbeat.

After all, she was introducing the love of her life, Muhammad Lwanga, to her parents in Namavundu, Gayaza. Lwanga’s entourage arrived at 2pm, soaked by the rain, but seemed unbothered, clearly eager to meet their beautiful bride waiting on the other side. Besides, in Ganda culture, rain at a function signifies blessings.

They were welcomed by Namakula’s older brother who led them to lunch, before the colourful ceremony could begin. Gone are the days when the groom’s entourage would be mercilessly tortured with hunger and more, until “lunch” was served close to 7pm these days, lunch is one of the first items on the programme.

The group was served lunch at the nearby Sparkles gardens and later proceeded a few metres to the Namakula’s childhood home where the ceremony began in earnest at 3:40pm. The compound was well decorated in orange, pink and white.

The spokesman, Muhammad Kamoga, was indeed master of the ceremonies as he kept everyone thrilled, especially when in three hours he had wound up the function, even with the rain falling. Guests had enough time to negotiate the terribly slippery roads on way home.

Kwanjula ceremonies usually see the best of busuutis in the tents, but the bride in her hot pink and blue flowered busuuti, stood out as she came out to greet her husband and his friends and family. It was hard to tell what caused more ululation Namakula or local artiste Chris Evans Kaweesa, who led her out of the house lip-syncing to with his song, Mulungi.

Namakula waved to the familiar faces in the throng, as her aunties, sisters and friends danced along. She changed gomesis thrice and fed her guests with cake towards the end of the function. Lwanga outdid himself with the gifts to Namakula’s parents a unique black leather sofa set was thrown in as a special gift to the bride’s mother, Hajat Rashidah Nakanjako.

Lwanga’s team also brought paraffin, matchboxes and a funnel for the kasuze katya, a send-off ritual usually performed at dawn on the wedding day. Since the lovebirds planned to seal their union with Islamic nuptials immediately after the kwanjula, they saw it fit to present the kasuze katya there and then.

Namakula described Lwanga as a religious and loving man, whom she met at a religious function.

“When my eyes landed on him the first time, I admired him and saw a potential husband and father for my children. He felt the same way and our love began by exchanging telephone contacts. He called me after two days and we arranged for our first dinner in one of the hotels in Kampala. This was the beginning of our love journey,” she said.

Namakula said Lwanga proposed that day.

“Since I had completed my studies and marriage was the next item on the agenda, I accepted to marry him. Islam encourages us to get married quickly to avoid fornication,” she said.

Lwanga, who was so excited, said he chose Namakula because she is beautiful, disciplined and charming.

“She has developmental ideas and comes from a good family,” he said.

Kyadondo East MP Ssemujju Ibrahim Nganda was the guest of honour and appealed to the couple to be faithful and avoid listening to rumours.

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Source : The Observer

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