Wedding – Galandi Steals Lecturer’s Heart

During the 2009 Busitema University guild presidential campaigns, Tony Galandi Kiireand Rose Nakasi were both students. Galandi, who aocated gender balance, aised Nakasi to run for the position.

From then, they became close friends as Galandi became Nakasi’s campaign manager in an election she finished with a landslide victory. Then came the search for the chairperson of the electoral commission 2011 at the same campus.

Nakasi asked Galandi to stand for the post, which he also won in all the university’s five campuses. Nakasi, being a “brilliant girl”, got a first-class degree and she was retained as a lecturer, todate, at Busitema University.

Galandi, who did not want to lose his golden chance, wooed Nakasi into being more than just friends and he, eventually, stole her heart and they started living together. A Mugwere by tribe, Galandi now operates a private agricultural firm and they have two children.

As for their introduction day, it had to take three years of intensive planning to nail it. The two saved and planned the entire function for four months, without holding meetings. They say they did not want to burden their friends to contribute towards their introduction events. And what a lovely event it was!

On October 25, Galandi arrived, donning a white traditional Ganda kanzu with a grey coat, as a big crowd waited on the other side.

Colourful event

It started at Jacaranda restaurant in Lubaga, where the final preparation and dressing-up took place. At 2:30pm, Galandi and his entourage arrived at Nakasi’s parents’ home in Busega-Nateete, in a long convoy.

Five minutes after arrival, the masters of ceremonies took good charge of the activities and by 3:33pm, Galandi was officially a son-in-law to Nakasi’s parents.

Sweet Kid, known for his Sirinayo Mulala song, was present to serenade the two lovebirds. He entertained guests as Nakasi made her grand entrance to greet her beau and his entourage, as guests bobbed their heads and clapped along.


It was, indeed, a wealth of gifts for the lecturer’s parents. A Friesian cow, two goats (in Buganda, every child borne outside wedlock is atoned for with a goat upon the kwanjula), sofa set, and plasma TV, among other things, were given to Nakasi’s parents in gratitude.

Galandi’s sweetheart tailored her gomesis to match the decoration in the tents, but that purple and silver mix, did her beauty the most justice. The two have reserved December 1 as their wedding day at Victory church in Ndeeba, and thereafter host their guests at Fairway hotel.

Source : The Observer

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