Wedding – Fichtner, Nakakawa Have Facebook to Thank

Thomas Fichtner and Haliya Nakakawa recently had a simple but memorable wedding.

The couple opted for a state marriage, not least because they belong to different religions. But by the end of the function, Fichtner had been so touched that he accepted a nikka (Islamic marriage rites) ceremony.

“I’m a Muslim and he’s non-Muslim I couldn’t go to church so we did a state marriage after the kukyala. Then we also did nikka afterwards… ,” Nakakawa says.

So eager were they to keep it simple that they had even opted not to have a reception, but a simple dinner with few friends and relatives. The gardens at Sir Jose hotel along Ggaba road came in handy.

Thirty five people were invited, but about 40 turned out. The setup had four round tables with 10 people each. The high table only had the couple, best man, maid of honour, Haliya’s brother and the flower girl.

Nakakawa, who shortly left with her husband for the honeymoon in Zanzibar, says she had not planned to wear a gown. She had planned for a simple African dress: “But after getting aice hither and thither, things went on changing and I ended up in a wonderful white gown with Fichtner in a blue suit.”

With a small number of guests who all knew one another, it was a fun wedding. The couple chose their friend Harry Lwanga, a guitarist, to entertain them. He was joined by the bride, who surprised guests with her performance of two songs.


It all began with a Facebook ‘LIKE’: He ‘liked’ her comments on a certain post, and she was like, ‘who’s this stranger?’ She checked his profile and they didn’t even have a friend in common.

“So I sent him a friend request but surprisingly, he didn’t send me a message, and I didn’t too.”

They did eventually meet, through a real-life mutual friend, who was not her Facebook friend. Fichtner and the friend attended Nakakawa’s show at the National theatre, and the three had drinks later.

“I met him again at Garden City after about two days we exchanged numbers and real friendship began.”


According to Nakakawa, they dated for two years, which were not that easy at all.

“Long distance [Fichtner is a German] relationships can never be easy. For some people they’re not even promising, but this met two g people that are madly in love with each other, and are determined to make it to the end. We meet every after about three-four months,” Nakakawa says.

It was on one of those meetings, while on her bed, that Fichtner proposed to Nakakawa. And by then, she had seen enough in him not to say no.

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