Wedding – Daisy and Francis Show Makerere’s Romantic Side

“Hi sweetheart… ,” Daisy Nakasagga, kneeling before her future in-laws and splendid in a blue busuuti, greeted Francis Ssekitto as they moved a step closer to becoming husband and wife.

Francis, emboldened by Daisy’s adorable frankness in front of friends and family, replied, “Hello baby… ” sending guests in the tents into excited laughter.

Daisy was last Sunday introducing Francis to her parents [Samuel Kasagga and Justine Nakasi] at their home in Namasuba. The couple will walk down the aisle this Saturday at Makerere University’s St Francis chapel.

Daisy is a cashier with The Observer and currently a graduate student in Management at Makerere University. Francis is a lecturer at Makerere University. The sprawling university campus is where the two met and fell in love. Daisy was studying for her bachelor’s degree and Francis was one of her lecturers. Back then their relationship remained that of a student and her lecturer until 2012 when Daisy went back to Makerere for her master’s degree.

“On my first day for my master’s, the lecturer did not come on time. I felt bored and needed someone to kill off the boredom this is when I remembered Francis and I called him. We had a long conversation on phone that resulted into what we are today,” she recalls.

The Courtship:

When they next met, it was for an ice cream date at Cafeacute Javas on Bombo road. Daisy recalls it was when she escorted Francis to the airport that he proposed marriage. And she says she will never forget that moment.

“I felt very happy, although I take long to show my excitement but I felt like I was in heaven because I didn’t expect it. In fact it’s still the surprise of my life,” she recalls.

The Introduction:

The kwanjula was done according to kiganda tradition. On arrival seven people from Francis’ entourage went into the main house where the traditional kwanjula was done as guests were simultaneously served lunch. Shortly after Francis’ return to the tents and introduction to the rest of Daisy’s friends and family, Daisy, dressed elegantly in blue, made her elegant first entrance.

Since the official ceremony was done with, what transpired in the decorated tents was more of a show for the beautiful girls to dance and greet guests as Daisy changed thrice more into beautiful yellow, purple and green attires. Francis, whose official bride price (omutwalo) came in the form of Bibles, brought other gifts including a refridgerator, cooker, two cows and a water tank.

The spokesmen on both sides kept the function humorous and entertainment from Da Excel Performerz lit up the function. By 6:45pm the function was done and the couple was seeing off their guests.

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Source : The Observer

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