We Need Clarity On Bukedi Assets

Information about near-liquidation and subsequent disposal of all assets of South Bukedi Cooperative Union (SBCU) limited came to my earshot in 2012. I learnt then that the suspects were lethal characters with unquestionable capacity to take out of action whoever tried to follow or question their actions. That notwithstanding, I, on September 3, 2012, wrote to the commissioner of cooperative development in the ministry of Trade, Industry and Cooperatives, seeking to know the status of the union.

I did this under the following premises:

I am a citizen of Uganda with constitutional right to information and knowledge. I hail from one of the districts where this union conducted its economic activities. I am mindful of the fond memories of the pivotal roles that this union played in changing the lots of peasants in the districts of Busia, Butaleja and Tororo.

I also wanted to stay the belief in the minds of the suspects that the entire communities in the said districts did not lead conscious lives and that their (the suspects) stealth acts would not go undetected and unchallenged.

The commissioner for cooperative development in the ministry of Trade also doubles as the registrar of cooperative societies and unions in Uganda. He is, therefore, privy to every information that relates to registration, de-registration and liquidation of cooperative societies and unions in Uganda. It follows, therefore, that my request to know the true status of SBCU Ltd was correctly channelled.

Due attention and action should have been the reciprocation, if there was nothing to hide. Taking stakeholders in the union and the entire communities in the districts involved for fools does little to stay their quest to know the status of their union.

Authorities at the concerned ministry are hereby called upon to steer themselves clear on matters that my said missive and subsequent reminders sought to bring to light. This will end the thinking among conscious Ugandans that the union saga was an underhanded play and a tool in the interest of a small clique.

However, failure to achieve what they have set their minds on is not the stakeholders’ anticipation as yet. Only after they have failed to get the attention and intervention of Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi and President Museveni that they will accept defeat.

Meanwhile, all relevant authorities in the districts in question are reminded not to take SBCU Ltd matters as remote specifics that do not call for their desired attention and action. It is prayed that you act in a manner that can save your constituentssubjects from being pushed to the limit by smart unscrupulous beings.

I do not cherish the notion that if a Japadhola finds another Japadohola stealing, heshe should encourage them to steal more. Not long ago, some female politician in the contemporary Padhola hosted me to the same argument. This was in response to my request to know her take in the union’s saga. Her reasoning was totally wanting.

If she is estranged by my refusal to glorify her for her unfortunate insinuation, she is free to put up a spirited fight. Worse still, sometime back, an appendage to one of the people believed to have taken ownership of a chain of union assets approached me with measured determination to harm me. The aim was to deter me from pursuing union matters. But they failed.

All in all, both the sellers and the buyers of SBCU Ltd assets are reminded that I am a mere feather in their caps. Issuance of threats and dabbling in conspiracy to hurt those who desire to know the status of the union do not put to rest issues that are at stake.

They should instead find a point at which all feel the same, and build on it. There might come a time when they could be called upon to act as one brick required in the walls of evidence on matters that relate to the union saga.

From the onset, I have tried to be delicate about the issues that this article entails. But concerned parties, through stance and deed, seem to want to force me into making it an open point.

Source : The Observer

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