We had a East African honeymoon

When and how did you meet?
Kenneth: I first saw her at my sister’s introduction where she was a maid in 2012. She is pretty you would never miss her pretty face in the crowd. My first close encounter though happened in 2013 when she had trouble using her desk computer and she asked for my help. It is then that we had a one-on-one memorable chat.
Dorothy: I used to hear a lot about Kenneth before meeting him in 2013. His sister is my very good friend and workmate. She used to tell me about him. We first met when he came to fix my Internet issues at the office and I fell in love with him.

What attracted you to each other?
Kenneth: She is beautiful, humble, God fearing and caring.
Dorothy: Kenneth’s physique especially height, intelligence and hard work. He is also God fearing, handsome and soft spoken.

For how long did you date?
Kenneth: We dated for one year, and she was nothing short of amazing. I was convinced she was the one that I would spend the rest of my life with.

When did you propose to her?
Kenneth: In May 2014 at a surprise dinner at Nawab Restaurant at Metroplex in Naalya. She loves it when we hang out and I used that to ask her out to go watch a movie at Metroplex. Midway our dinner, I popped the question. I had no ring though because there were delays in delivery of the ring from the U.S but the moment could not wait.

How did you react to his proposal?
Dorothy: He really caught me off guard when he popped the question and I did not know how to react. I did not believe it because he jokes a lot so I asked him if he was serious.
Then, I saw him go down to his knees and at that moment I realised it was no longer funny. I went numb for a minute but I loved him and I had waited for that moment so my answer was always going to be a yes.

Who brought the idea of wedding?
Dorothy: Him. He had everything planned at that engagement dinner and I had no objections
We had some money saved for the wedding but also friends and family did a great job contributing to our wedding budget

What was the most costly item and where did you buy it from?
The reception we had a service provider for venue, food,chairs, tables and public address system. It was the most costly item on our budget.

Where did you shop for the rings and what are they made of?
Our rings were yellow gold and we shopped them online through a friend in Boston.
What was the most memorable moment?
Kenneth: When I said I do, I knew it was all finished and she was the only one that mattered to me from that moment on.
Dorothy: That moment of exchanging vows, I felt so happy that I could not wait to hug him. I felt it was a perfect moment to commit my life to him forever.

What did you look forward to on that day?
Kenneth: I was eager to see the decoration at the reception because the service provider had praised been for her work and I also looked forward to the things she had brought from Dubai for our wedding.
Dorothy: I always looked forward to that beautiful cake and the decor just like many girls.

Did anything go wrong on that day?
Kenneth: We felt cheated by the decorator. We had an agreement with her indicating what she would decorate for us but to our surprise, she did nothing close to even average as per our agreement including failing to put flowers at the reception venue.
Dorothy: We paid a lot of money for the decor but it was not done properly.

Who was your maid of honour and why?
Dorothy: Veronicah Kitonsa Masinde. I always admired her personality. She is soft spoken, hospitable, caring, God fearing lady who inspires me whenever we talk. So when my husband proposed a wedding, I didn’t waste time searching for a maid of honour because I had her in mind.

Did you have a wedding planner?
Dorothy: we were our own planners but later delegated all the wedding activities to our friends that helped us implement our plans well.

What challenges did you face during preparations?
Kenneth: Financial constraints due to unanticipated expenditures that were notbudgeted for.
Dorothy: Some people pledged and failed to honour their pledges.

Where did you go for honeymoon and what was the most interesting thing?
Kenneth: We did an East African tour for the honeymoon. It started in Kampala, Kigali, Gisenyi in Rwanda and Mwanza in Tanzania. The most interesting and special thing is that we had two wedding functions, one in Uganda and another one organised by my mother who lives in Tanzania. That is uncommon for many couples but they were both special occasions for us.
Dorothy: We were blessed we had two receptions here in Uganda and in Tanzania. So we had our honeymoon in Uganda, Tanzania and Rwanda.

Did you go for premarital counselling?
Kenneth: We had premarital counselling with the church and two other couples that took us through many interesting topics such as sexuality, temperament, relating with in-laws to prepare us for a good marriage.
Dorothy: Yes, we had a whole one month of counselling and we learnt many things including preparing for our honeymoon and financial management.

What aice do you give to those who intend to wed?
Kenneth: Spend less on the reception and more on the honeymoon.
Dorothy: They should do something within their means and plan without depending on others.

Given an opportunity, what would you redo?
Dorothy: We would limit the invitations and ask people to pay a certain amount in order to attend .
Kenneth: Find another decorator with quality and experience.
How can one cut wedding costs?
Kenneth: Plan for few people and make your budget as small as possible.
Dorothy: Early preparations are the best because they relieve you of tension.

Groom: Kenneth Nsiko
Bride: Dorothy Namuyomba
Celebrant: Rt. Rev. Bishop Dr Dunstan Bukenya
Church: All Saints Cathedral, Nakasero
Reception: Wonder World Amusement Park
Photography: Events Guru

Theme colour

Dorothy chose purple and yellow because they are a good combination that is photogenic. Purple is royal as well.

The bride’s gown cost Shs1.3m from Sister’s Bridal. With lace hints, it fitted her body well.

SOURCE: Daily Monitor


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