We didn’t buy rings to cut costs

When and how did you meet?
Katali: We met in 2011 at campus in my third year and she was in her second year. We were members of Makerere University Seventh Day Aentist Association and were both part of the choir.

So, when did the two of you eventually become close?
Suzan: We were first friends but I suspected he had wanted to tell me something. One event led to another. When he tried to talk to me, about being more than friends in 2012, I told him to wait for a year because I was not sure about what I felt for him. In this period, I was studying him and did not want to make any mistakes.
Katali: When she told me to wait, I understood her and I felt she was worth waiting for. We began dating in 2013.

Did he propose to you?
Suzan: Yes, he did. It was on my birthday. I cooked some simple snacks and we went for a picnic. When we had finished eating and were planning to return home, he knelt down and asked if I would marry him. I did not hesitate to say yes because he had already waited for me and I thought there was no better option.

What attracted you to each other?
Katali: She is principled, beautiful, intelligent and caring. She can help anyone at any cost even when she does not know him or her.
Suzan: He is hardworking, caring, loving, handsome and patient. He waited for me until I felt I was ready for him.

What was your budget and how did you raise the funds?
Katali: We had not saved that much because we had only worked for a year after school. Most of the funds were from friends and relatives. We thought the budget would be Shs25m but we ended up spending Shs30m.

Did you involve a planner?
Suzan: We had no wedding planner. We just had friends whom we assigned different responsibilities and they cooperated well.

How did you come up with the guest list?
Katali: At first we thought we would have a guest list but we realised we had so many friends and relatives. If we wrote a list, it would exclude many people who wanted to attend our wedding. I do not know how many people attended the wedding because they were so many.

What were you doing on the eve of your wedding?
Katali: I did not have a bachelor’s party because I wanted to feel relaxed on my big day. I could not believe we were finally going to be together.
Suzan: I was relaxed and trying to imagine what the day was going to be like. I kept thinking about him.

Were you disappointed in any way during the function?
Katali: No, I was scared of the morning rain but it did not take long. The sunshine and the many guests made my day.
Suzan: Everything went perfectly.

Where did it take place?
Katali: We wedded at Seventh Day Aentist Najjanankumbi church and had a reception at UMA exhibition Hall.

What did you enjoy most?
Suzan: When we were declared wife and husband in front of the congregation.
Katali: In church there were many of our friends who came to witness our wedding.

How did you cut the costs?
Katali: There was no expenditure on cars. Our friends provided bridal cars. We had a small wedding entourage and no wedding rings.
Suzan: We had few maids so we could cut the cost on their clothing

Where did you buy her ring from?
Katali: We did not have rings. This was another way we cut costs. The church does not recommend the use of rings as per the church manual but it again doesn’t condemn those who exchange the rings so we decided not to have them and buy them later.

What was going through your mind during the ceremony?
Katali: I was at ease because our big day had finally come. I was happy to have had such an achievement.
Suzan: I could not wait to have time with my husband.

Did you go for premarital counselling? Any lessons from it?
Katali: Yes, I learnt about the personality differences we have and how we can cope with the other partner even when we are different characters.
Suzan: I learnt about what my roles as a woman are, to treat my career and marriage distinctly and that we have different personalities.

What is your aice to those planning to wed ?
Katali: A wedding happens if you put your heart to it. The biggest capital you have are your friends and relatives. Keep it simple and do not compare with others.
Suzan: Do not worry about the expenses. It is important for you to budget within your means. Do not strain yourself with a big budget as you will get in debt and not enjoy your day.

THE highlights

The bride’s gown was from Sister’s Bridals and the maids wore red dresses which they ordered for from China. The groom entourage bought suits from from FB Garments on Jjemba Plaza.

The couple’s friend made for them a cake whose chocolate bases looked yummy and a polka dot finish did not disappoint. It cost them Shs2.5m.

Theme colour
Black, white and red did the magic of making the couple and the entourage look exotic and elegant.

Date: March 29, 2015
Groom: Ndozire Katali Jr
Bride: Suzan Tendo Namulunga
Church: SDA Najjanankumbi Church
Reception: UMA Exhibition Hall
Budget: Shs 30m

SOURCE: Daily Monitor


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