Ways to wear a polo shirt

Popular colour choices for polo shirts are white, black and navy. However if you are feeling a bit aenturous, you could go for brighter colours such as yellow or pink. When you wear a coloured polo, ensure the rest of your outfit matches.

White polos can be worn with pretty much anything, but other colours will need more consideration. Yellow and pink polos go well with chinos or lighter coloured trousers and shorts.

Smart or casual?
The best thing about polos is that they can be worn for both smart as well as casual occasions. For casual wear, they go great with jeans and trainers. For smarter events, they look great with chinos or even dark trousers. Light jackets or blazers can also go well with a polo, but again colour and cut are all important.

The right size
Make sure to get a polo shirt in the right size range such as small, medium or large. When in doubt, try on the shirt to ensure that it fits. Also make sure that the manufacturer’s style fits the look you are going for. Some manufacturers have a slim fit range, offering a more fitted look.

Don’t tuck in
The fact that you are wearing a collared shirt means you are smart enough. Tucking in the polo shirt will only make you look older and more formal.

Buttoned all the way up
It used to be a style for nerds and geeks but has now been adopted by the hip crowd. Avoid pairing a fitted and buttoned polo with baggy shorts or trainers. If the polo has bright colours or patterns, remember to keep the rest of the outfit simple to maintain focus on the shirt.

Worn with a blazer
This look says the wearer is relaxed and comfortable in upscale surroundings. Also wear it when you need to achieve the smart casual look. Wear a colourful polo T-shirt with a neutral blazer, or go for a neutral polo with a patterned blazer.

With slim fit trousers
Tucked or untucked, buttoned or unbuttoned, polos are just plain trendy when paired with smart trousers and boat shoes. Khakis or white jeans look great with patterned or striped polo shirts, but patterned trousers, such as pinstripes, look better with solid colours.

SOURCE: Daily Monitor

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